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11 Startups from Milan You Should Know!

The startup scene in Milan is dynamic and diverse

The city has become a hotspot for innovative entrepreneurship in recent years. The vibrant startup ecosystem attracts both local and international founders and encompasses a wide range of industries developing locally.

Milan has a strong presence of startups in the fashion and design sectors. The city is renowned for its fashion industry, attracting creatives and entrepreneurs who bring innovative technologies and business models to this field. Additionally, startups in the financial technology (Fintech) sector are thriving. Milan is a significant financial hub in Europe, and the startup scene leverages this position to offer innovative solutions in payment systems, mobile banking services, and other financial services.

Furthermore, startups in Milan are also emerging in the fields of food technology, e-commerce, and digital media. The city provides a rich cultural landscape where companies can develop innovative solutions that bridge technology and art.

The startup scene in Milan is highly active, offering a dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs. There are numerous incubators, accelerator programs, and coworking spaces that provide support and resources to founders. The city government supports the development of the startup scene by promoting innovation centers and organizing events and competitions.

Overall, the startup scene in Milan demonstrates significant potential and offers an attractive environment for entrepreneurs to pursue their business ideas. The combination of a strong industrial base, a thriving creative industry, and a supportive infrastructure makes Milan an emerging center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cortilia: Cortilia is an Italian startup operating an online marketplace for fresh and local food. Customers can order high-quality products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, and other groceries directly from local farmers and producers through the website Cortilia places great importance on quality, sustainability, and transparency in the supply chain. By collaborating with small agricultural businesses, the startup supports local communities and promotes the consumption of healthy and environmentally friendly food.

Everli: Everli is an online grocery platform that allows customers to conveniently and quickly order groceries from local supermarkets for delivery. The platform partners with a variety of retailers to offer a wide range of food items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, and more. Customers can place their orders and choose from various delivery options through the Everli website or mobile app. Everli stands out for its reliability, efficiency, and product quality, providing customers with a convenient solution for their grocery shopping needs.

Casavo: Casavo is a startup company based in Italy that offers innovative solutions in the real estate sector. Casavo has developed a digital platform that enables property owners to sell their houses quickly and easily. The company provides a fast valuation process, transparent pricing, and guarantees the purchase of the property within a few days. With Casavo, property owners can bypass the traditional selling process and sell their properties stress-free.

Scalapay: Scalapay is a startup company that offers an innovative buy-now-pay-later payment solution. Customers can pay for their purchases in installments without interest or hidden fees. Scalapay collaborates with various e-commerce platforms, allowing merchants to offer their customers flexible payment options. The company aims to improve the shopping experience and facilitate access to affordable payment methods.

Musement: Musement is a platform for booking experiences and activities that enables travelers to discover and book local attractions, tours, and events. The website offers a variety of activities in different cities worldwide, including landmarks, museums, tours, concerts, and sports events. Musement aims to provide travelers with a unique and personalized experience by helping them enrich their travel plans and create unforgettable memories. With user-friendly navigation and detailed information, Musement allows travelers to plan their activities in advance and book conveniently online.

Uala: Uala is a rising startup from Milan specializing in providing real-time booking services for beauty salons. Uala’s platform allows users to conveniently schedule appointments at various beauty salons through the internet. Thanks to Uala, customers can easily select desired services, find their preferred salon, and book appointments directly online. The platform offers a user-friendly interface where users can check real-time availability of appointments. Uala not only simplifies the booking process but also provides additional features such as reviews and recommendations from other customers to assist users in choosing the right beauty salon. The platform works closely with salons to ensure the offered services are of high quality.

Winelivery: Winelivery is an innovative startup company that offers a unique solution for the delivery of wine and spirits. With their user-friendly online shop at, customers can conveniently order a wide selection of high-quality beverages from the comfort of their own homes and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. The aim of Winelivery is to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. The company collaborates with a variety of local wine and spirits merchants to offer an extensive range of products, ranging from exquisite wine varieties to fine champagnes and whiskies. Customers can easily choose their favorite drinks, provide the delivery address, and complete the order.

xFarm: xFarm is a rising startup developing innovative solutions for agriculture. Using advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and data analytics, xFarm aims to support farmers in optimizing their operations. The company provides a comprehensive platform that allows farmers to efficiently manage their agricultural activities, optimize resources, and make informed decisions. xFarm is revolutionizing agriculture by promoting digital transformation and enabling the use of technology to increase productivity and sustainability in the industry.

Deliveristo: Deliveristo is a rising startup that specializes in providing innovative solutions in the field of delivery services. The company has developed a user-friendly platform that enables restaurants, grocery stores, and other local retailers to conveniently offer their products online and deliver them to customers in their vicinity. By leveraging modern technologies and an intelligent logistics structure, Deliveristo is revolutionizing the way people shop for their food and products. The platform offers users a wide selection of high-quality food and products that they can conveniently order from the comfort of their homes. The company places great emphasis on collaborating with local stores and farms to support the local economy and provide fresh, high-quality products.

4books: 4books is a startup specializing in the realm of reading and knowledge sharing. The platform offers users the opportunity to discover book summaries and reviews, allowing them to grasp the essence of a book in a short amount of time. By collaborating with a dedicated community of readers, 4books facilitates the exchange of thoughts and insights. The startup aims to make knowledge more accessible and inspire people to continuously learn and grow.

MotorK: MotorK is a rising startup company specializing in the automotive industry. The company offers innovative solutions and services in vehicle marketing and customer acquisition. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven approaches, MotorK assists automotive manufacturers and dealers in gaining a better understanding of their customers, implementing effective marketing strategies, and boosting sales. With their online tool,, MotorK enables companies to optimize the management and promotion of their vehicle inventories across various digital channels. MotorK’s objective is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vehicle distribution, thereby increasing the success and profitability of their clients.

Photo/Credit: – Boris Stroujko

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