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5 Reasons To Use Landing Pages In Your Business

When a client clicks on a link that directs them to your website, they are mostly taken to your homepage – the first page of your site that contains all the welcoming, introduction and contact information. However, the new digital marketing age has evolved this page to a marketing tool called the landing page. Differences between the two are; landing pages have a customized and personalized call to action while homepages are dull, and broad in content or just link to other pages in the website.

A landing page is a standalone customized webpage that potential visitors land on when they click on the website link from a digital location. Its basic premise is giving the prospects an offer of great value, such as an e-book, graphic or course in exchange for personal information. Landing pages have very clear value proposition to make sure the client gets the message. Once the client has provided the information, they can then proceed to download the resource being offered for free. The marketer in turn, can use this data to find potential customers and engage them using other channels.

Why is it important to have a landing page, you ask? Well, here are 5 important reasons to have a landing page in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Lead Generation

A well designed landing page offers a value proposition such as a white paper or a webinar. In return, the interested clients are given a form to fill in their contacts in exchange for the offer in place. If the offer is enticing enough, the landing page will see more signups as people try to get the resource being offered for free. This may be a guide, an infographic, a white paper or an invitation to an online meeting.

The website owner can then proceed to use the contacts provided as possible prospects and can then market services or products directly to those prospects. This is a clever way to market since these people are already invested and interested in your brand, thus they are more likely to convert into paying customers rather than people who haven’t submitted their information yet.

2. Boost Credibility

People will trust an online source that provides more information that is more tailored and in-depth which is what a good landing page provides. Your landing page should provide a clear concise message about your capital offering and state what value it offers to the buyer. Show clear advantages of using the product with benchmarked data showing positive results in an organisation. Insert testimonials such as videos or messages from clients who have already used the product and convince your prospects how useful the product is.

If you are confident, buyers will be convinced to purchase the product to avoid missing out on the advantages. A good landing page with the proper testimonials increases the credibility thus sales of your brand.

3. Easier Optimization

A well designed landing page can be a hack to get more traffic to your website. Instead of optimizing the all webpages in your website, you can create a well SEO optimized landing page and drive huge traffic to your site. You do this by providing an attractive sales copy full of visuals and a call to action, then SEO optimize it to make it rank very high on Google search results.

You can also buy cheap ads to promote your landing page which will boost traffic to your site. You can also use your landing page material to advertise on other digital channels such as social media platforms, email or YouTube.

4. Buzz Generation

New brands need a huge outreach to make a noticeable impact on the market. A good landing page is the perfect way to accomplish this in the digital world. Using an attractive sales copy, beautiful visual graphics and optimization, coupled with aggressive marketing, you can create a buzz about your brand online. Offer very enticing resources for free such as a groundbreaking white paper and you can get a lot of traffic to your new site. This is especially important for brands that are planning to get the word out in a pre- launch.

5. Collect Insights For Marketing Analysis

Digital campaigns are hectic to monitor since it is difficult to measure impact. A landing page will help you collect data from your prospects so that you can analyze and see what kind of buyers are attracted to your brand. Data collected can provide informative insights on how your marketing strategies are performing. If your advertisements are having an impact, you will have more signups in your landing form.

This data can also be used to create the perfect buyer persona – what kinds of people are the most attached to your brand? Who are your recurrent buyers? You can then optimize your marketing strategy with this data.




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