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Keep learning and improvising – be persistent

FATbit Technologies make it easy for businesses to build their digital identity and online reputation

Please introduce yourself and FATbit to our readers!

I am Manish Bhalla, an entrepreneur and a keen learner, I keep observing how people interact and transact as well as how markets evolves. This helps me to connect a few dots of different business dimensions floating at different distances.

FATbit Technologies  is a digital solutions provider which is designing and developing Technology Solutions. We work with a mission to make it easy for businesses to build their digital identity and online reputation. And we want to serve the world with affordable and efficient digital solutions designed to attract, engage and convert. We love working with Startups and Young Entrepreneurs for their energy and passion. In turn, Startups love us for our affordable & user-friendly solutions. Our solutions are customizable & scalable as per the needs of different business models, global trends and growing business needs.

How did you get the idea to FATbit?

Back then around 2000-2002, IT and computers were not very common in India. The Internet was very expensive and slow. Every 90’s kid know the terrible sound made by the then used dialup connections. However, the Internet and eCommerce sector was spreading exponentially fast in the developed countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia etc. This was driving the demand for software professionals, creative designers, and internet marketers at rapid pace. The internet was changing how people interact and transact; educate and entertain – it created opportunities for IT professionals around the world to work for a rising Trillion Dollar Global Market.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome

As I mentioned above, the IT revolution was at its infancy stage, demand for IT professionals was booming around the world. ‘Outsourcing’ was a new word in the dictionary; but I was not an IT guy, I was studying Finance, Taxation and Business Management. In 2002, I quit the Chartered Accountancy course and joined the Tribe of IT Professionals, started learning to programme from books and the internet. For setting up FATbit, I faced all possible challenges one could face: Knowledge, Infrastructure, Initial Finance, Team, Mentoring etc. How these problems were solved?

Knowledge – came from books and internet

Initial Finance – worked for my brother and some clients, earned approx 3K USDs in the first 12 months of my IT career.

Infrastructure – Internet and Computers were very expensive, borrowed a computer from my brother and managed to get an internet line for an affordable price.

Team – Set up the first office in 2003 and hired a few programmers and designers

Mentoring – lacked mentoring and took a few really bad decisions in and faced a couple of set-backs till 2009. Learned a lot from the journey between 2003-2009 and started re-building FATbit brick by brick, we built it steadily with focus on hiring good souls who valued integrity and persistence.

Who is your target audience?

Startups and SMBs looking for a Proficient Digital Solutions Provider that is transparent, integral and motivated to go an extra mile for serving its clients and partners.

What is the USP of your company?

Instead of creating one-size-fits-all kind of solution, FATbit takes pride in understanding the difference between various business models and creating systems that resonate with a particular niche.

Can you describe a typical workday?

It mostly starts with checking mailbox and interaction with Sales Team, reviewing some documents, a few meetings and approx 1 hour I spend on Linkedin or reading or watching videos related to Marketing, Business Management, Buyology etc.

Where do you see yourself and your company in five years?

I personally would like to spend more time on maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.
FATbit must be able to earn the reputation as people oriented IT company; we aspire to become one of the moved loved organizations in our category, loved by its customers and employees equally.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?

1. Keep learning and improvising – be persistent. 
2. Interact more with your team, customers and partners.

More information you will find here

Thank you Manish Bhalla for the Interview

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