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3 Ways To Make Money With Business Blog

When you’ve created a business blog, the only goal may have been providing readers with valuable information and becoming a thought leader in the niche. But after a while, when you become a recognized author with many regular readers, it’s OK to start thinking about making money on it.

We don’t mean flashing banners here and there to scare everyone off! We mean ethical and effective ways of monetization that both you and the readers will love. They give you a choice of what to advertise for money, and one of them even hints at your own info-product!

You can choose one or try all of them at once because they don’t intersect. 

1. Affiliate Programs

You may have heard about the Amazon affiliate program. It’s the most popular and you can use it to promote items sold on the website, getting a commission for every purchase. 

There are more such programs from other marketplaces and brands. You can choose whatever is closest to the main topic of your site. Before you start, though, make sure there are enough people to read your articles and buy products according to your recommendations. shows outreach strategies that will help you gain more targeted readers in a short time!

2. Create Sponsored Content for Brands

Again, if you have a reader base, you can cooperate with brands relevant to the audience. Promote products and services you have tried and recommend them. You may also give out discounts if the agreement with the brand allows.

Such an approach will help you not only earn from online blog but also get free products and services! Cooperating with brands opens a lot of doors. You will become more recognized since they are likely to mention you as an influencer or even their ambassador.

Just make sure the items offered by the brand as well as its philosophy agree with what you have on the site. You want to continue writing great content that your readers will love, not minding that it’s an ad. It’s also useful to add images for your content. Look more here about editing and retouching photos to make them quality. 

3. Create a Closed Community with Exclusive Information

We’re sure you do a lot of research for every publication for your business blog. So, why not earn money for the efforts? Create a closed community that will work on a subscription basis. Charge a little bit every month for the best pieces of content, continuing to write for the regular audience.

If you have regular readers that come exclusively for your information, they are going to pay if the price is reasonable. You can increase it in the future as the value of every piece increases with your experience and the specialists you feature in every article.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Make Money with Your Blog

There are lots of opportunities to earn profit from your website that don’t involve aggressive advertising and flashy, irritating banners. You can become a part of an affiliate program, recommending people great products and earning a commission from every sale. 

You can also write sponsored content and get free products of money for your reviews. Make sure the stuff you recommend is tested by you, of course. You don’t want to lose readers’ trust.

And finally, if you have enough authority and people are ready to pay you for the knowledge you provide in the blog, create a closed community. Share exclusive facts and stats there, organize giveaways, etc.

There are many more ways to make money on your source, and new ideas will open up to you as soon as you start the first paid project.

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Autor: Frank Hamilton

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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