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You have to put your 100%

Agdhi agritech startup create revolution in agriculture

Please introduce yourself and your startup Agdhi to our readers!

I’m Nikhil Das, Founder, Agdhi. 

Agdhi, is an agritech Startup based in Bengaluru which aims to create the next revolution in agriculture. The startup is combining digital technology and human creativity to build sustainable methods in agriculture. It is also building alternative solutions for the problems prevalent in agriculture. The company has recently launched an AI technology to examine the quality of seeds. This technology — along with photometry, radiometry and computer vision — offers efficient methods for seed classification and seed quality analysis

How did you get the idea of Agdhi?

The idea came during one of the adventure expeditions to an unexpected visit to agriculture field. At that time, I realized that though technology has penetrated every domain but agriculture is still predominantly traditional. On further discussions with the seed industry and agri researcher, the founders came up with the possibilities of digitalization in agri domain.

Why did you decide to start with Agdhi?

Agriculture, which is both a major industry and foundation of the economy is looking for innovative approaches in protecting & improving crop yield. Leveraging the advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), farms across the world are transforming digitally from mere precision farming to smart and digital farming. But this penetration rate is low compared to other Industries.

We aim to bring in our technical knowledge together with experts from the agriculture domain providing sustainable methods in agriculture. To ensure a better productivity for the farmers and better food availability for the world.

What is the vision behind Agdhi?

Agdhi is on a mission to combine digital technology and human creativity to create sustainable methods in agriculture. Today, India is seeing a huge disruption in agriculture through technology. Agriculture, which is both a major industry and foundation of the economy is looking for innovative approaches in protecting & improving crop yield. With this aim we plan to introduce next generation electronics products optimized for agriculture.. We have our team working closely with the agricultural industry and farmers, understanding their problems to the core and bringing in solutions to their needs.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

Working in depth with the Farmers and Industry, and understanding their processes, pain points and gaps was a real challenge. We have spent months in field and industry, analysed each bit and process to the roots to create the real insights.

Who is your target audience?

Target audience are mainly Seed Companies , Government Seed Organisations, Food Processing units and farmers.

What is the USP of your startup?

Our USP is our new age technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vision technology, Photometry, Radiometry and Computer Vision. Through these technologies, we are offering efficient methods for Seed Classification and Seed Quality Analysis. These quality results are provided in seconds instead of longer duration.

Using computer vision technology and machine learning, seed quality testing is automatically screened where color, texture, size, and shape, are extracted from images of seeds and the defects of the seed are identified through various classifications.This automated technique provides a more efficient method for seed sorting compared to being inspected by human labour.

Can you describe your typical workday ?

Day starts by 6 am, cycling or motocross with kids

By 9 am till 11 am status update calls and will be in office during this time.

Meetings inside and outside the office as you know till 6 or 7.

8 to 9 me time 

Where do you see yourself and your startup Agdhi in five years?

Agdhi will be a leader in Agritech in next 5 years. We will be addressing the key pain points of Farmers and the Agriculture Industry. A trusted brand in Agri domain.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

For any start-up to be successful

1. You have to put your 100%

2. Don’t treat it as a secondary job, you can’t be successful running a start-up without quitting your job.

3. Work in a collaborative manner and get into revenue generation mode at the earliest possible timelines

Thank you Nikhil Das for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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