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Cheap Social Media Marketing Tactics: Build Only Profitable Relationships

Businesses don’t consider using social media marketing or not. They do it without a doubt. A recent survey proves that Internet users spend around 135 minutes checking on their social media accounts. Therefore, social marketing is not an option but a necessity and a great tool to grow a business. However, everyone wants to use technologies and processes that don’t require big investments. 

About 60% of buyers come through social media. According to a study that was published back in 2016 by The Drum, 62% of customers are influenced by Facebook. Probably, the number has significantly grown since that year. The content that companies or organizations post on their social media pages often affects the decision of the buyers. 

The main reason why social media is a perfect place for small businesses and startups is its cost-effectiveness. Other ways of spreading information such as media, radio, TV are expensive and complicated. Advertising your product/service through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is so much easier and cheaper. You just need to know what methods to use to stretch your money. 

Top 5 Cheap Tactics To Grow Your Business Through Social Media 

From this article, you will learn about five available cheap social media tactics that will help you to grow your business, improve the relationship with customers and attract new consumers.

Optimize your social media campaigns 

Reaching new customers can be cheap and effective through social media campaigns optimization. There are a few cheap tactics you can use to target the right customers. Review hashtags that are used in your industry and use them every time you post on social media. Add keywords and keyword-optimized images in blog posts, articles, updates and all other pieces of content that you share on social media. Don’t forget to promote your business on a few social media platforms at the same time. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for all types of businesses, while Instagram and Pinterest and widely used for such industries as retail, fashion, and cooking. 

Creative content

Do you know how many people advertise their services and products through social media? Millions! Your content needs to be creative and unique. Writing is the first way to deliver information and engage customers. If you are not a talented writer, hiring one won’t cost too high. Use video marketing. Social media users would rather watch than read. Video marketing helps to increase sales by 76%. A video presentation of your product or service, as well as videos on how to use your products or services, will help potential customers a lot. Infographic is another way to tell about your business and attract consumers. 

Focus on Facebook

Among all social media platforms, Facebook is the number one place. It’s used by more than 2 billion people if different age groups, therefore, it offers more benefits than Instagram. If you are looking for a cheap marketing tactic, there are hoon news for you. Facebook allows advertising for free. If using free advertising, you will reach a limited audience. There is a paid advertising option that is cost-effective and will certainly bring you the desired results. 

Get on LinkedIn 

Many small businesses underestimate the benefits that LinkedIn gives. The platform will help you to create a trustful and professional image of your organization. A recent statistic tells that about 50% of its members are likely to buy from companies they engage with on LinkedIn. 

Live Streaming

Going online and letting your potential customers feel closer to you and your brand will certainly give positive feedback. Instead of uploading edited videos on Facebook or YouTube, you can go live and give others the opportunity to ask you questions, learn more about you and get a feel. Nowadays, Instagram stories have a big impact on businesses allowing customers to trust and feel like they are involved in the whole marketing process. Live streaming is free and attention-grabbing so it would be a mistake to not try it. To make it interesting, try Q&A and conversations with your customers, give announcements, do interviews with experts in the same industry. Social media users especially love live behind-the-scenes glimpses. Be willing to take risks and see how it can benefit your relationship with customers. Remember that relationship with your customers is what you build your business on.


Cheap Social Media Marketing Tactics

A big budget is not a must for promoting your business and attracting customers. All you need to do is start using these cheap and easy-to-use tactics to learn how to do marketing on social media. If you are a creative person who is not scared to experiment, then you won’t need the help of specialists. You can try writing posts yourself, create infographics, select images and integrate keywords into posts to help potential customers find your company as soon as possible. 

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Author: Theresa Cofield

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