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New Tech Platform Enables the Hybrid Work Revolution

Serial tech entrepreneurs from Singapore and Hong Kong are launching Deskimo today, a marketplace that connects the hybrid workforce with flexible workplaces. Deskimo gives users on-demand access to a broad range of professional workspaces without the need for a membership. US-based Y Combinator is the first investor in Deskimo.

There is hardly any company left in the world that has not yet announced a move to either a hybrid-first or remote-first workforce. The COVID19 pandemic has forced companies to equip their workforce with the tools and systems to be productive when they are working from home. Now that offices are reopening, employers and employees alike are starting to wonder whether it makes sense to commute for an hour or two every day, simply to do the same work that could be done from home or a workspace nearby. 

This transformational shift in behaviour has profound implications on the workplace of the future, and creates opportunities for innovative startups. Deskimo has built a network of independent workspaces across Singapore and Hong Kong and makes them accessible on-demand via a sleek mobile app. Deskimo has already attracted many large companies and startups who are looking for a truly flexible workspace solution to reduce expensive rents, boost talent retention, and improve team productivity.

“As we transition towards the new normal, we have noticed growing work-from-home fatigue amongst professionals with many realizing that the home may not be the most productive place for work. With Deskimo, anyone can now work from our network of more than 80 workspaces spread across Singapore and Hong Kong without a need for a membership” says Jonathan Soh, Managing Director of Deskimo in Singapore. 

Deskimo’s founders have previously co-founded and scaled a number of high-growth tech startups, such as Foodpanda, HotelQuickly, Gobee.Bike, and GuestReady. Deskimo has been accepted into the Summer 2021 batch of Y Combinator, and it is no surprise that the startup has quickly caught the attention of investors.

“Deskimo is a simple answer to a clear demand in the market. Companies are looking for a flexible workplace solution post-pandemic. Many companies have given up some of their office leases in 2020 and are not looking to add these fixed costs back to their balance sheet. Deskimo is an asset-light alternative that offers a lot more flexibility to companies and their workforce” explains Raphael Cohen, Co-Founder of Deskimo, who was previously the Head of Asia at Rocket Internet. 

Deskimo is launching today both in Singapore and Hong Kong, with plans to add more cities to the app in the near future. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Source Deskimo

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