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Always strive for perfection and the best quality of your product.

Dolfi Ultrasonic Washing Device cleans clothing with the power of ultrasonic technology

Please introduce yourself and your startup Dolfi to our readers!

My name is Lena Solis, and I’m the founder of the Dolfi company. Dolfi is a startup that recently introduced its first product – an elegant, compact hi-tech device that cleans clothing with the power of ultrasonic technology. Our Team at Dolfi is passionate about redefining amazing ultrasonic technology for consumer products. Our brand name Dolfi is a tribute to dolphins who are the most advanced users of ultrasound.

How did you get the idea to Dolfi?

As with many product ideas, I came up with this out of my own personal needs. I’m traveling a lot, and I have to clean my clothes on the go. After a few terrible experiences with local laundries and absolutely hating hand-washing, I started to look for a solution.

I knew of ultrasound’s great cleaning capabilities, so I decided to investigate it closer by visiting laboratories across Germany and Switzerland. I was impressed with the versatile applications of ultrasound but couldn’t believe that no one was developing consumer products. The decades-old technology can cut and weld materials, extract and homogenize substances, even purify water. However, the engineers I met were content working on lucrative industrial and medical projects and had little interest in creating new consumer products. That was the moment I decided to redefine this tech for consumer products, and Dolfi was born.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

It was exciting, but not an easy start. Every aspect from design and engineering to marketing and creative assets took many trials and errors on the way. For example, we had 11! design concepts before we created our unique award-winning Dolfi shape.

There’ve been a lot of challenges, and they keep coming up. Taking those challenges and turning them into opportunities, this is what I would say makes a successful company.

Who is your target audience?

There are few groups of people who can get a great benefit using Dolfi device. For everybody who wears delicate, exquisite clothing and cares for it, Dolfi is a perfect solution to skip an extra trip to dry cleaning or unpleasant hand-wash session, while keeping their delicate fashion pieces clean, fresh and in an excellent condition.

All travelers know the hassle and pain of cleaning clothes while on the move – hotel laundry service fees are too expensive, and no one wants to go out of their way to find a laundromat or local laundry of doubtful quality.  Dolfi – the smallest portable washing machine in the size of a smartphone, was made with travelers in mind. Taking a little Dolfi device on the trip, anyone can now pack light and refresh favorites overnight in the hotel room. Dolfi is the ultimate solution for travelers to keep clean and fresh while on the go.    

What is the USP of your startup?

Dolfi is a German brand with an international attitude. We create elegant, high-tech products with ultrasonic technology at their core, making the lives of many different people around the globe easier and more fun.

Our great team consisting of passionate and talented people can develop clever innovative technological solutions with award-winning design. But I think in today’s world where ideas are cheap and the execution counts, our ability to overcome the hurdles, execute and deliver is the biggest strength of Dolfi startup.   

Can you describe a typical workday of you?

Defining a typical day for me is tough. The days are so very different depending on company life-stages and priorities – during the development time I spend most of my time in the lab with engineers and on designer meetings and reviews. During the manufacturing setup, most of my days are spent on the factory floor and visits to suppliers’factories. During promo activities, crowdfunding and sales launch, it’s a lot of team meetings, content creation, and communication with potential customers, distributors, media, etc.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Dolfi in five years?

We believe that Dolfi will become a household brand and worldwide leader for innovative products with ultrasonic technology at their core. The range of products will be not very wide yet, but each of them will hold a leading position in their category. Dolfi will keep innovating and launching new great products.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?

    1. Keep grinding, even if the world around you seems to be collapsing. Don’t give up!


    1. Build a great Team. It does not have to be big, but it must be great.


  1. Always strive for perfection and the best quality of your product.

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Thank you Lena Solis for the Interview

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