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Passion for and conviction in what you’re doing is key

Eight Roads Ventures is a global venture capital firm

Please introduce yourself and your company to our readers.

Eight Roads Ventures is a global venture capital firm. We first started investing in startups about 50 years ago and today have a team of over 100 investors in offices across Europe, Japan, India, China, Singapore, and the US. In Europe, our team is based in London. I myself have been at Eight Roads Ventures for three years and have previously been investing in technology companies in the US and then Europe.

In which kind of startups does your company invest?

We focus on startups across consumer, enterprise, fintech, and healthtech which have built a product, found a clear product market fit, and are now in a scale-up phase.

How can startups apply for an investment?

We are easily reachable across the usual channels – from our website, to linkedin, to twitter.

Do you think there is a right time to start a startup?

If there is, it would be today. The excitement around entrepreneurship has never been greater, and founders can have great access to resources and capital alike.

How does your normal workday look like?

Its typically quite varied: I spent my time meeting with founders to learn about their companies, evaluating potential investments, and working with our portfolio companies.

You have some experience with startups and young founders, so can you tell us first-hand what the biggest mistakes of young founders are?

I’d probably say not asking for help often and early enough – it’s much more efficient to make your own mistakes than the ones others have made (and hopefully learned from).

Which 3 tips do you have for founders?

I think passion for and conviction in what you’re doing is key – if you don’t believe in your vision, no one else will. Same goes for working with a diverse and complementary team – no one wins alone. Finally, finding mentors, advisors, or investors whose opinion you value and trust will save you a lot of time and mistakes, as per the point above.

Michael Treksow joined Eight Roads in 2016 after a decade of finance and investment experience in the technology sector. He is particularly interested in FinTech, enterprise software and mobile businesses. Prior to Eight Roads, Michael worked at Accel in London and Warburg Pincus in San Francisco.

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