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First Momentum Ventures to launch Germany’s first student venture capital fund

● Five students invest 1.4 million euros in tech startups
● Focusing on early stage investments in university ecosystems

The venture capital fund has raised more than 1.4 million euros, making it one of the largest student investors in Europe. The fund’s target volume is 5 million euros.

First Momentum Ventures is taking part in the first financing round of start-ups all over Germany. The company is focusing on high-tech startups within university ecosystems. “We see ourselves as close partners of the founders in the early phase. With our support, start-ups can take the first steps on their growth paths. Together with a network of experienced mentors, we are able to provide know-how at many points due to our technological background, if required. In this way, the course is set for successful subsequent financing rounds, which we facilitate by direct contact with follow-up investors”, says Sebastian Boehmer who co-founded First Momentum Ventures.

The fund’s investor base is made up of well-known entrepreneurs and institutional investors. Explaining his investment, Hans-Jürgen Even (3E Capital) says, “​with its innovative investment strategy, First Momentum Ventures is creating a scalable platform for the next generation of successful founders.​ ”

The foundation of First Momentum Ventures is its extensive experience in supporting young start-ups and the strong connection of the management team to the country’s student startup scene, gleaned from its work at PionierGarage, an entrepreneurship initiative at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

“​We believe that there is immense entrepreneurial potential at German universities, but seed capital is often difficult to access,” adds Andreas Fischer who is also a Founding Partner at First Momentum Ventures. “With our unique position as a student fund, we can meet founders on an equal footing and establish contact very early on. We implement our investments transparently, flexibly, simply and thus with significantly lower access barriers. Together with our network, we provide targeted support and sustainably empower startup ecosystems nationwide. ”

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Source:First Momentum Ventures

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