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First Time Contactless Delivery of Bikes and Scooters from CredR

Home test ride and doorstep delivery of all bikes and scooters

Post Covid-19, many businesses are diversifying and bringing new ways of engaging with users, thus maintaining social distancing. With few restrictions eased out for businesses, CredR, India’s Most Trusted brand to buy and sell used bikes and scooters, has taken an aggressive online approach, by introducing contactless delivery of used bikes and scooters directly to the buyer’s home. This is the first time any company in the used auto segment has introduced a feature, where customers can book online and get the used bike delivered to their homes. This has been launched in Bangalore and will be expanding to other cities.

According to Sasidhar Nandigam, Chief Strategy Officer; 

“The entire Covid-19 pandemic would continue to transform the way we live and everyone would soon realize that the virus will not disappear from our lives any time soon. With a predictable fall in consumers’ disposable incomes and the change in behaviours of not opting for public transport and shared mobility, we have already seen substantial increase in the demand for used bikes and scooters, as a mode of low-cost personal mobility”.

He further added that maintaining social distancing will become a norm, thus changing the way that businesses are operated. Keeping this trend in mind, they have also introduced initiatives which will ensure zero physical interaction and focus on digitally completing transactions.

With people staying at home amidst the lockdown, due to unavailability of public transportation and the numerous restrictions on private transportation; customers can now book a second hand bike or scooter online, for free. The booked used two-wheeler will then be delivered at the customer’s home where the customer can take a test ride, verify its documents and make the final payment through a contactless medium – such as online transfer or through e-wallets. The entire process will be completely contactless and digital.

A Covid-19 guideline has also been put in place for staff members as well as customers, to ensure that these are implemented by the company and in-showroom. In case of dealing with customers, no showroom personnel will be allowed to accompany customers on test rides, disposable/ frequently sanitized stationery will be used, handover of material or documents to the customer will happen in a safe and contactless manner. The Aarogya Setu app will be installed and made fully operational by each staff member. The name and contact number of each and every visitor will be taken down for easy contact tracing, in case of any untoward incident.

Source Clarity PR

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