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Make sure to look out for funding

Fluper: No.1 Choice of Businesses to Multiply Their Revenue 

Technology has always been there, but lately, it has done things that we as humans never expected in the first place. Talking about such technology, mobile apps came up to our mind as, without them, smartphones can no longer be considered as “smart” phones. 

That made us realize what could be better than establishing our own app development company. The motive was to provide the users the service or app they needed all this time. 

Kindly Introduce Yourself & Your Startup Fluper 

Hi, my name is Anshul Sharma, and I am the CEO of Fluper, which is an app development startup. What drew me to the creation of such a startup was to help out other businesses by providing them with the app they need for their promotion in this ever-growing market. To this date, we have done 320+ projects successfully across the globe with a team of 275+ professionals.

The Vision Behind Creating Fluper

We started the app development company with a vision to aid businesses that are looking forward to making an app to uplift their exposure in the market. We, at Fluper, always make sure that we provide our clients with the best services possible, which they probably won’t find anywhere else. 

Challenges That We Faced And Had To Overcome

In a market full of competitors, it was hard for us to overtake them. Just like any other startup, we were cornered, but we knew that we had to pull off specific tasks to beat them. However, that could only be possible if we provide our clients with the app they are looking for. And that’s what we did, today the benefits that we offer are considered to be the best-in-class.

Other than that, we had an issue that troubled us for a long time. We struggled a lot while building up trust among the market and clients as there were only a handful of businesses available to us. 

Who Is Our Target Audience? 

Our audience is mainly businesses, no matter what they offer, as long as they are planning on making an app, Fluper is up for help.  We are here to cater Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises. 

What is the USP of our Startup?

We consider ourselves as one of the best app development startups in today’s industry, all because of the services that we offer. Here are some of them, so do make sure to check them out:

  • Quickest Delivery of App Guaranteed 
  • Zero Cost Maintenance Guaranteed for 2.5 Years  
  • Zero Cost 9 Months App Marketing and Optimization Support 
  • Complete Source Code Copyrights and IPR 

Where Do You See Your Startup Fluper In Five Years?

Five years is a lot of time, and as far as our growth is concerned, we can proudly say that our startup will become a full-fledged app development company. Other than that, we’ll be looking forward to stepping out of the international boundaries and establishing our app development center in different parts of the world. 

Some Tips To Our Fellow Founders

The first thing that I would like you to do is believe in yourself as nobody else is going to do that for you. Secondly, you need to be clear of your vision, plan out things way ahead of time, and at last, make sure to look out for funding as you’ll need money in order to establish a startup. 

More information you will find here

Thank you Anshul Sharma for the Interview

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