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Interview with René Tünnermann – CBDO & Co-founder margin, Mentor @Founders Hackdays

Meet René Tünnermann of the FOUNDERS HACKDAYS: 26 – 28 OCTOBER 2018 @ CITEC BIELEFELD

Tell me something about yourself
I am René Tünnermann and I studied computer science and robotics at the University of Bielefeld. After completing my studies, I did my research at CITEC in the fields of Ambient and Intelligence, where I mainly worked on human-machine interfaces, IoT and Smart-Home.

Which topics would you recommend to other founders?
René Tünnermann: When founding a company, you have to make sure that you have an edge or an advantage somewhere in a subject area. It makes most sense to found a company where you have a certain amount of expertise. Just because it’s a trend technology, I wouldn’t recommend founding in this area to everyone. It depends on your own skills and the scalability of the case.

How did you succeed in building a company?
The CITEC cooperates with many partners, such as Bertelsmann, Miele or it’s owl. Examples like these show me where technology is implemented and the desire to create something of my own grew. The implications of Programmable Money, namely Bitcoin and Blockchain in general, caught my attention and convinced me to play a part in building the future internet of value.

After we went through the programs of the Founders Foundation, we made our side project our calling and built up our bitcoin trading platform called “Margin”.

What possibilities does the CITEC offer?
René Tünnermann: At CITEC you will find a lot of knowledge, experience and talent in the field of tech. There are the people who develop and research all the time in the areas of IoT, Robotic and Smart Home.

What possibilities do you see in the Hackdays for participants?
At the Founders Hackdays, participants learn what it means to set up their own startup. The Hackdays combine research and entrepreneurship and offer a contact point to learn how to turn an idea into a business model. You will also learn a lot about markets, market access and customers.

Which success factor is decisive for the Founders Hackdays team?
René Tünnermann: The team should have their mind set on winning the Founders Hackdays. This drive is crucial to building a prototype and get something going. It is also important that the teams present their product at Pitch Day in the best possible way to jury and audience.


Event Description:
The Founders Hackdays in Bielefeld are about unfolding the joint potential offered by research and entrepreneurship. Highly qualified teams with members drawn from both areas will have three days and the best possible conditions to develop a market-relevant business idea in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality and blockchain.

More information you will find here

Thank you René Tünnermann for the Interview

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