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FranceRent deliver vehicle-based provides rentals, tours, and transfers boats, cars, helicopters, and private jets

Please introduce yourself and your startup FranceRent to our readers! 

At FranceRent, we deliver vehicle-based, in-destination travel experiences from one destination to another. Our platform provides rentals, tours, and transfers via boats, cars, helicopters, and private jets. Similar to Airbnb, Tripadvisor, or Turo, we pair service providers with enthusiastic customers. Our database is home to hundreds of providers, ranging from luxury car owners to private helicopter tour companies. 

The advantage? 

The advantage of FranceRent is having all your vacation transport covered by the same provider. Imagine you’re planning a dream vacation to the South of France. Maybe you want to book a private jet from Cannes, fly to Nice, and then have a private driver waiting to take you to your accommodation. In the evening, you might rent a boat and sail the coast to admire the sunset. Perhaps you cap off the night with a helicopter ride to Monaco. Organizing four transfers can be time-consuming and complicated. FranceRents’ easy-to-use search engine and booking system offer a fast and efficient way to combat this issue. 

For companies, the advantage of using FranceRent to advertise a product is the ability to manage ads, edit bookings, and monitor an individual product’s transaction and activity history with the click of a button. 

How did you get the idea of FranceRent?

We were tired of using multiple platforms to book transfers, arrange tours, and rental vehicles. We realized that mobility could be an immersive experience and that time is everything when it comes to planning and carrying out a dream vacation! 

Why did you decide to start with FranceRent? 

Myself, Adrian, Andi, and Cristian have always been enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and travel. When we spotted the potential to make mobility and logistics an immersive experience, we jumped right in. It helped that we all shared a love of travel and, even more so, a vision and passion for tech. 

What is the vision behind FranceRent? 

FranceRent offers a unique user experience due to the functionalities and services present on the platform. The design and interaction with the site are very simple and accessible to everyone. We have an interconnection of services so that customers and owners come back constantly and avoid the hassle of operating on multiple platforms simultaneously. Our vision is to make transfers, tours, and rentals easier to book and manage. 

How difficult was the start, and which challenges you had to overcome? 

After establishing FranceRent’s vision, we began the general procedures that come with setting up a company. Like most passion projects, you quickly learn that there are plenty of hurdles to jump and learning curves to be had before you get close to your dream product. After a few months of working on FranceRent, the pandemic halted all travel. While we didn’t get to see any of our customers sail off into the sunset, we did use this time to focus on product development, iterations, and testing. 

Who is your target audience? 

FranceRent is for service providers (including companies) passionate about their product and wanting to maximize their operating cost by advertising to an engaging client base. Often, our providers offer additional services, including experienced sailors or personal guides to accompany guests. 

FranceRent for customers attracts luxury travel enthusiasts seeking to rent the biggest yacht, the best private jet, and the fastest sports car. Also, there are plenty of offers for budget travelers. 

What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your startup? 

On a single platform, FranceRent can provide ten different services at the click of a button. By facilitating customers to engage with providers seamlessly, we reduce booking stress and improve the discovery of memorable experiences. 

Can you describe your typical workday? 

Everything we do at FranceRent is a team effort, with a lot of dedication and involvement from each team member. We don’t have a strict schedule, but we meet daily to maximize everybody’s effort. The founders are available 24/7 to handle urgent matters and action any input that could optimize a process or functionality. 

Where do you see yourself and your startup FranceRent in five years? 

We aim to reach a significant market share of the mobility sector in France tourism and become the leader in the international market for ten online services. To help with scalability, we’re currently considering adding an active investor to our team. We’re also in the planning stages of developing an application, and we’re constantly expanding our services and adding new options to our platform. 

What three tips would you give to founders? 

Believe in your ideas

Dream less and work more

Add value to people 

Thank you Sebastian Kirsch for the Interview

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