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To all the lovers out there

Happy Valentines Day from Lilienthal Berlin

Here it is again — Valentines Day, when you don’t know what to give and, depending on your relationship status, an overwhelming day. Which gift would be appropriate? Classics such as flowers or chocolates certainly always work, but can it be more romantic? A special watch shows that time together is important to you. Lilienthal Berlin has watches that are sure to make hearts beat faster on Valentines Day.

Cupid, a small, half-naked baby, shoots someone with his arrow and we fall in love. Or so goes the legend. One thing is clear: Love can appear anywhere. And that’s exactly what we’re celebrating this year with a couple very special declarations of love.

As colorful as you

The Rosalux Rainbow combines all the colors of the rainbow. The color gradients on the hands, case and bracelet are different for each watch, giving your sweetheart a truly unique piece. Help to make the world a little more colorful!

No more red roses

Red is the color of love, but you like blue more? No problem. A blue watch just looks special on every wrist. The L1 All Blue in two sizes lives up to its name and captivates in a noble shade of blue.

A galactic one-of-a-kind

An extraterrestrial gift: The Chronograph Limited Edition Meteorite IV presents a real piece of meteorite in the dial. The pattern is slightly different for each stone, which guarantees you a unique watch. Give your favorite person a special watch with a special meaning for the two of you.

A gift with class

Chocolates and flowers are classic gifts for Valentine’s Day. But if you want to give your significant other something that lasts, give them a watch. The Classic models stand for timeless beauty. A gift that your loved one will think of you every day.

Immortalize the moment

A Swiss automatic movement, a screwed glass bottom and a minimalist, stylish dial protected by pure sapphire glass. The Zeitgeist Automatik models bring luxury watchmaking into your everyday life. And with appropriate care, the watch will last a lifetime. Use Valentines Day to make a unique and long- lasting gift with which you will surely meet more than just the Zeitgeist.

Source Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH

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