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hyrd raises €1.1 million to provide equal opportunities in the job market

Frankfurt-based early career network hyrd has raised €1.1 million seed funding.

The funding round was led by BMH Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen mbH with participation from several business angels, including Christoph Maichel (Co-Founder of Creditshelf AG) and Andreas Burike, one of the leading HR Tech investors in Germany.

hyrd is an early career network for students and young professionals focusing on the needs of the Gen Z. hyrd enables students to connect with each other, share experiences and support each other along their individual career journey, making career building more social. Furthermore, hyrd creates equal opportunities for students in the job discovery and application process, by providing them the tool they need to successfully start their careers. hyrd also allows students to connect and build relationships with potential employers early in their studies to make the transition into the job market easier.

„Talented and motivated students are on every campus at every corner of the country and we’re proud to help employers discover and recruit up-and-coming talents from a wide variety of backgrounds. We also want to increase transparency in the job market and provide access to equal opportunities for everyone, so that every student can seek for their dream job”, says Benjamin Weller, Co-Founder at hyrd.

hyrd helps employers to solve their candidate “pipeline problem” by empowering them to discover, recruit and hire up-and-coming talents.

hyrd offers a suite of features in their newly launched employer product, where employers can actively source and recruit the exact right candidates in a supported and lean process. Additionally, employers can build up talent pools of great candidates and stay up to date about candidates’ individual career development and aspirations.

“Recruiting has mostly been seen as an event, where at some point in time a hiring need is identified and subsequently an often prolonged search for the right candidate begins.” said co-founder Dennis Pfaff. “At hyrd we see recruiting as a process in which we help employers to continuously build a pool of potential candidates to hire from when needed in order to significantly reduce time-to-hire.”

Over the next year hyrd plans to further increase its student and young professional community across the DACH region and further roll out their employer product.

Stephan Groß, Investment Manager at BMH, says: “The skilled worker shortage will become more severe in the upcoming years. Employers will have to embrace new, innovative approaches and technologies to be able to identify and hire the right candidates. hyrd has positioned itself here with a very convincing platform and is already working successfully with well-known brands. That’s why we’re happy to support the company as it continues to grow.”

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