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Customer centricity is key

JetCamp is a marketplace that allows people to select, compare and book rentals or pitches on campings across Europe

Briefly introduce yourself and the start-up JetCamp to our readers!

JetCamp is a marketplace that allows people to select, compare and book rentals or pitches on campings across Europe. JetCamp lists more than 90% of all 25,000 European campings. This includes larger holiday parks and family campsites but also smaller glampings, mini-campsites and nature- and farm-campsites. We aim to make the user-experience fast and simple, similarly to booking a hotel or apartment on the larges booking platforms.

Why did you decide to start a company?

We felt that neither the customer nor the camping was best served. 
From a customer point of view: none of the platforms provided a 1-stop-shop, with a complete overview of all campings in any country, region or place and with full content, pricing and availability. From a camping point of views: campings need to pay to get listed on these platforms, so no level-playing-field

What is the vision behind JetCamp?

There’s a potential camper in all of us. A glamping for a weekend break, a farm-camp for a break with the kids, a family-camping-with-waterpark break during the summer holidays. The European camping market is a growing €5 billion (512m room nights) market that is hugely fragmented and has only recently started to professionalize. JetCamp has the right DNA (team, experience, product, IT, cost-base, financial backing) to succeed in their mission to become the No1 booking site for camping holidays.

From the idea to the start, what have been the biggest challenges so far and how have you financed yourself?

We decided to bootstrap development and launch, which had its own set challenges. Then came Covid-19. In think weathering the Covid-19 crisis has been the most difficult part so far. We genuinely believe that we’ll get out stronger, more resilient and clear-focussed.

Who is the target group of JetCamp?

In the broader sense: anyone that needs a place to stay. Quite often hotels, apartments and campings are competing for the same stay-over. More specifically we’re targeting families during high season and couples/friends during shoulder and low-season. We’re addressing specific target groups by creating unique content, ranging from Kitesurf blogs for the Kitesurf community and Ski-camping blogs for the growing number of people that ski & camp.

How does JetCamp work? What are the advantages? What makes you different from other providers?

We aim to become the “Go-To” platform for people seeking a camping holiday. Specific advantages for end-consumers include:

  • Listing of all campings: holiday parks, family campsites, glampings, mini-campsites, marina-campings, castle-campings, nature-campings and farm campsites and we list them with content
  • A price & availability overview of all available accommodations. Both from the camping, but also from operators and travel agents. A one-stop-shop, no need to visit 10-20 other sites
  • Selecting a camping and not sure what to do or see in the area? We have included more than 200.000 points of interest in our database and added them to our maps for easy reference
  • Inspirational and deep-dive blogging about trending and new topics to allow for a better of more-inspired choice
  • Available in 6 languages, soon followed by more

For campings we create a platform that offers:

  • a no-cure-no-pay booking channel, no listing or advertising fees
  • level-playing-field, smaller campings will be able to compete with their larger counterparts
  • a back-office (CMS) environment in which campings can freely show their new and updated content
  • the possibility to market to themselves to audiences in multiple countries and in multiple languages

JetCamp, where are you going? Where do you see yourself in five years?

JetCamp will be the household name in camping and the preferred distribution channel for campings. We’ll have most campings listed and most campings bookable 

Finally: What 3 tips would you give prospective founders?

You are the start-up! Believe in your idea, do not let adversity put you off your path! Focus, focus, focus. Don’t make sidesteps that add no value or strategic benefit. Customer centricity is key. Always ask yourself the “what would a customer want or do” question

More information you will find here

Thank you Erwin Hoevenaar and Roderik Verburg for the Interview

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