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To achieve something big in your life, you need to have a certain kind of craziness in you

LOSHA e-commerce website to sell women innerwear all across Pakistan

Please introduce yourself and your startup LOSHA to our readers!
I am Dr. Shazia Lone, a founder of a tech-startup, which is an e-commerce website to sell women inner wear all across Pakistan. At Losha we offer maximum assortment of sizes, styles and colors, and has emerged as the biggest innerwear Destination in Pakistan. We have something for everyone, keeping in mind women from different socioeconomic statuses.

Our online store has the widest possible range of women innerwear available on the website, featuring everything from starter training bras to everyday t-shirt bras, cozy pajamas to that one convertible bra that can solve all your problems, plus size women to a nursing mother. Post surgical bras to breast prostheses. List is too long as we have 850 plus articles which includes Bras, Panties, Sleep wear, Shapewear, Swimwear, Compression Garment, Maternity wear, Nursing wear, Sports wear, Accessories etc. Losha is a one stop solution to all women concern related to innerwear shopping in Pakistan.

How did you get the idea to LOSHA?
Actually I travel a lot, and on my every single trip abroad, I used to get a request list from my friends to bring some innerwear in their required sizes. Plus size was a big issue. Idea started many years back and off and on we had many discussions and arguments. My husband motivated and convinced me that I should do this for the women of Pakistan I continued my research and came to know that 8 out of 10 women wear wrong bra size without even knowing it and 60% purchase is done by men. During my research I came across many women who had health issues directly related to wearing wrong bra size.

Women end up wearing wrong sizes because of non-availability of assortment in sizes.Unfortunately there is so much social discomfort attached to innerwear shopping in Pakistan that people don’t talk about it so the idea of online innerwear shopping with an easy exchange policy popped up. In our remote areas, there are only men who are selling women innerwear whereas trend has changed in metro cities. The idea was to provide a one stop solution to women innerwear needs and to spread awareness on wearing their right size. Our Platform is for women by woman, With all customer interaction by females only.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
It took me many years to think if I should go for it or not, because my formal education doesn’t support that. Then the first and biggest challenge was criticism that I faced when my story got published in “Humans in east” and “People of Pakistan” after two days when my online store went live. Then the toughest challenge my team face every single day is “Harassment by men” Since all Customer interaction is by Females, men take advantage of it. My team is trained to have a lot of patience to handle harassment, at times I feel bad for my team. That is so unfortunate, Just to facilitate women and make them comfortable, my team suffers a lot, but we don’t lose hope and we have a strong belief that we will make a difference one day.

Who is your target audience?
Initially my target market was middle to high range, just because the low range market was saturated already and they are more price conscious instead of quality. As we deliver all across Pakistan, I focused remote areas where people do afford buying some good stuff but they don’t have any options to choose. Side by side I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who comes to my website, so I covered the range starting from Rs.300…. (2.8 USD appx)

What is the USP of your startup?
• Free Consultation for right fit
• Sales/CS support by women only
• Live Web Chat by women only
• Live support on FB, Whatsapp, Insatgram by women only
• Maximum assortment of sizes, colors and styles
• Easy exchange policy
• Best quality at reasonable price
• We sell what we show

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
From the last two years I work almost 24/7. I sleep only for 4-6 hours. I wake up early but leave my home around 11am after managing the daily chores. Work form 11am to 6:30pm in office usually. Then I go home and leave for gym around 7:30. Come back around 9pm, take shower and after dinner, then start working again for few hours. Since I started Losha, I always wish that there should be 48 hours in a day, because I always want to do more….

Where do you see yourself and your startup LOSHA in five years?
I am working on opening my flagship stores and a network of tech enabled stores all across Pakistan to cover the sixth largest populated country on the globe. Being a Pioneer in Vertically specialized Innerwear online store I will come up with my own Brand. Right now I am doing multi brands around the globe, but with in 5 years I see LOSHA as Biggest Innerwear brand in Pakistan.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
1. You must have a dream to achive something… then start following your dream
2. To achieve something big in your life, you need to have a certain kind of craziness in you. If you lack that craziness, you wont be an Entrepreneure.
3. Entrepreneure needs to be creative and Creativity needs consistency to produce excellence…. money follows excellence.

More information you will find here

Thank you Shazia Lone for the Interview

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