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Ask for critics -but don’t take them personal

Lucky & Prince Pet Supplements, Smart treats for happier and healthier dogs!

Please introduce yourself and your startup Lucky & Prince to our readers!

After years in the financial industry and leading hedge funds like Brevan Howard I thought it was time to start my own business. I am a native Bavaria that grew up surrounded by nature and animals. It is around this very concept that my childhood friend and I partnered with a producer created Lucky & Prince. It’s a new e-commerce brand takes personalized wellness to the dogs…. From nutritious supplements to personalised human grade food all delivered to the convenience of your front door all the way from Bavaria to bowl.

Dog owners have a new option for customizing their companion’s supplements or functional treat options with the launch of Lucky & Prince The e-commerce platform uses a questionnaire , taken by the pet owner, to build a wellness profile for a particular animal and suggest supplement packs uniquely catered to that dog.

Questions on the quiz include breed, age, lifestyle, health issues or allergies, and the type of food they usually eat, among others. Based on the answers to this questionnaire Lucky & Prince will suggest a selection of supplements to purchase in a pack. The company uses a proprietary algorithm to determine its suggestions. The personalised snacks will be sent free of shipping on a monthly subscription base that can be paused , adjusted or cancelled at any time.

We  ee wellness care for our little canine ones as intrinsic to a healthy, happy long life and lower vet bills. From puppyhood to the senior fella, there are important considerations at each stage of life. This goes beyond traditional medicine and promotes mens sana in corpore sano philosophy, you are after all what you eat!

How did you get the idea of Lucky & Prince?

I have always been a lover of dogs. Especially my best friend’s and now business Partner Richard’s beautiful British bulldogs Lucky & Prince.(hence the name of our company) These guys are a pair of show-stoppers, literally. As winners of several dog shows, they are treated like royalty in the family. No expense is spared for these pooches! Especially when it comes to their food.

Always refusing to feed his dogs manufactured commercial foods, my best friend relied on either home cooked food or expensive high-end dog food to keep them healthy and happy. As you can imagine, this was impossible whilst on the road attending dog shows. Not only did he not have anywhere to cook, but storing canned food safely was a challenge in itself.

And that’s where our story begins…

We really wanted to help solve his and other dog owners problem by creating an affordable, human-grade, nutrient-dense dog  supplement treat that was not only delicious, but easy to carry and store. After discussing the idea with my friend many stone baked trials an idea was born. And, that idea was Lucky & Prince.

Lucky & Prince was founded to fill the gap in the market for a high quality, ethical premium dog supplements at an accessible price point. All Lucky & Prince products were developed in conjunction with leading pet nutritionists. Each recipe is high in mostly locally sourced premium ingredients. Lucky & Prince is an eco-friendly packaged dog treats made with the highest quality, fresh ingredients (and a lot of love) in Bavaria.

Why did you decide to start with Lucky & Prince?

A combination of general public perception and knowing that dog owners are more and more concerned about what ingredients are used in their pet food, particularly by larger brands. We sensed a greater trust for “challenger brands ” like Lucky and Prince that are family run and declare what high quality ingredients we use and know the whole supply chain.

Pet owners are concerned about the wellbeing of their pets and know with the right nutrition they can avoid some hefty vet bills. Pet owners are also becoming more conscious about the environmental impact of the food they buy.

What is the vision behind Lucky & Prince?

Happy , healthier dogs with a longer life and preventing health issues that might come in aging dogs – to provide them with supplements in case they don’t get the full nutrition sometimes missing in processed canned food. There’s no greater impact you can have on your dog’s life than what you feed it.

‘We’re not asking for a lot of money, and we’re not trying to make loads of money out of this. We’re just trying to do something that will have big impact on how the dogs in this country live.’ The demand for better quality pet food is timely now that more and more people are becoming better educated about their own nutrition and want to eat more healthily. Our goal is to help dogs live healthier, happier and longer lives whilst leaving humans smiling after every interaction.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

With Brexit the biggest challenge is dealing with uncertainty. Also a lot of testing and sourcing the right local supplier. Currently looking for funding and finding the right investors & partners to grow alongside with.

Who is your target audience?

Any dog owner who wants a happier and healthier dog! Or thinks his dog might have health issues – so we can help with our theme based snacks


Doggy Dental

Body Balance

Happy Hips

Shiny Hair

Happy Tummy

Or Relaxxx

What is the USP of your startup?

the company has continued to stress the importance of transparency in the pet food sector and believes strongly in quality ingredients with easy-to-read labels on packaging.They then make bespoke supplement treats for pets based on one of their four recipes, and calculate exactly how much supplement a dog should eat in a day, before delivering that amount. Lucky & Prince is a fresh functional dog treat and direct-to-consumer subscription business based in the UK.

We want to change the pet food industry for the better, helping dogs live healthier, happier, and longer lives while leaving humans smiling after every interaction. Our supplement treats  are created using a clever algorithm. Philipp and Richard ask owners for a wealth of information about their pooches including: their weight, if they have any allergies or conditions, their activity level, if they are spayed and neutered and their age.

We use high-quality carbs and premium ingredients and make them into something that will help the dog live a long happy life.’

Can you describe your typical workday ?

Currently spending most of the time looking after marketing in sales  – talking to social media, influencer , and affiliated marketer  – so in case you are interested in talking to us  – please get in touch with us. We just started out first meetings with potential investors and partners to join our exciting journey so if you want to be part of our growth plans please get in touch with us as well.

If then there is some hours left – I try to “relaxxx” my brain by playing tennis – and going to the gym … and did I mention I also love to have good espresso ….there is always room for good coffee

Where do you see yourself and your startup Lucky & Prince in five years?

Being recognised as an established premium dog supplement  brand in Europe and seeing happy and healthy dogs and their owner subscribed to www.luckyandprince.com  saving them money on expensive veterinary bills. More than 50 per cent of all dogs are obese and have obesity-related health issues, and the cost of treating those dogs is estimated to be £200 million a year.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Go for it and have no regrets: most business fail because they never got started in the first place.

….that was one

Ask for critics ( but don’t take them personal)

…enjoy the ride ! …dream big !

Thank you Richard Willmerdinger and Philipp Staudacher for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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