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Don’t be afraid of taking risk!

LUKSO creates a brand new future-friendly space for fashion and lifestyle establishments

Please introduce yourself and your company LUKSO to our readers!

My name is Marjorie Hernandez, I am the founder and managing partner of LUKSO, my education is in architecture and media. I worked for the last years in strategy, innovation, and brand experience. Together with my partner  ​Fabian Vogelsteller (Ethereum developer and creators of the Mist Browser, the Ethereum Wallet and the ERC-20 Token Standard). Our third co-founder is Silke Bolms​, a PR strategist and co-founder of Silk Relations, an  agency with 15 years of experience and long-standing relationships in the fashion industry. 

Together we have founded LUKSO, an domain- specific blockchain ecosystem, a digital base layer for the modern creative economies. It enables the lifestyle, fashion, media, and design spaces to drive innovation around the core themes of future creative work. This includes the ways in which creators coordinate with their communities and projects, engage with consumers and collaborators, automate their interactions, and trust their transactions. It redefines how assets can be created, managed, collections showcased, and brands experienced. It is the technological playground for creative professionals to shape emerging trends and unleash their creative force.

LUKSO creates a brand new future-friendly space for fashion and lifestyle establishments as well as content creators to exist, sustain and engage with their consumers and the fashion industry at large with the benefits of a future-friendly, decentralized and transparent industry landscape.

How did you get the idea to LUKSO?

My passion has always been the intersection of design and technology.

For me, one incredible interesting question is how will the fashion and lifestyle industry transform when the true digital transformation occurs. We have experienced how so many of the other creative economies have been transformed by this dematerialization process we are living in.

I see the worlds of fashion, design, luxury, technology, and media clearly and continuously converging, and is our mission with LUKSO to create future-friendly, decentralized and transparent ecosystem, that supports the new industry landscape.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

The start was simple, we just decide to do it, and we did. 

The first person I spoke with about this idea besides Fabian, was my partner Silke Bolms, and she said: “let’s do it”. Since that day we started building LUKSO, 

The biggest challenge we faced so far, was getting our regulatory approval within Germany. And of course the crash of the crypto market took a lot of confidence way in the blockchain scene, and we continue to focus on the technology and its potential, beyond the speculation craze.

Who is your target audience?

LUKSO primarily addresses the innovators and creators of culture working in the intersection of tech and lifestyle/fashion/design. Brands and retailers from the Fashion, Lifestyle and Luxury industry are also in scope, we want to see the industry leaders embrace LUKSO, but we also believe the future belongs to the innovators and risk takers. 

What is the USP of your startup?

We are the only project, in the blockchain ecosystem, that is targetting the lifestyle space at large. We believe that in order to for blockchain technology to succeed, we need incredible ease of use and gain adoption by all of us who are active participants on the social web. And we are building an ecosystem that goe beyond a use-case, and most importantly we have a very strong team, uniting thought leaders from the forefronts of both spheres, we foster interdisciplinary innovation at this intersection.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?

I start most days at 8:30 am, I take that time before 10:00 (when most of the team arrives) to get ready for the day and go over all points I want to work on with the team. I have in average 2-4 calls a day, either with investors, potential partners or other start-ups. Most afternoons, I’m with my team, going over the prototypes, working on presentations or pitches, and or working in our research. One of the most beautiful things about LUKSO is that I get to “wear many hats” during the day, we can go from speaking about very technical aspects, move towards the look and feel of a Dapp, or about how we communicate our ethos to outside.

Where do you see yourself and your company LUKSO in five years?

“Five years is a pretty long timeframe in the blockchain world, innovations happen very fast in this environment and sometimes even for us it is hard to tell where exactly the journey is going to. But that aside, I expect LUKSO by then to have become the go-to blockchain solution for the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry. That we have helped a lot of great brands and creators to successfully adapt their business and the way they interact with their peers and that consumers use our products on a daily basis, so we all can benefit from the opportunities the blockchain technology has to offer and use blockchain as a technological foundation to move fashion forward.” 

What 3 tips would you give Start-up founders on the way?

Don’t be afraid of taking risk.

Find people you trust and inspired you to build your team

Trust your intuition 

More information you will find here

Thank you Marjorie Hernandez for the Interview

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