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Moritz Finkelnburg: Be inspired but no dreamer

Meet Moritz Finkelnburg at the MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION in Wien

Please introduce yourself to our readers!
Moritz Finkelnburg: Hello everybody and welcome to Vienna and this amazing event. I am Moritz Finkelnburg and will preside the MOI Advisory Board. I was born in 1967 and grew up in the still wall-separated West-Berlin. I left my hometown to study law in Heidelberg and Barcelona – which lead to a deep love for the spanish way of life. Directly after finishing my education I joined AXA beeing impressed by the highly innovative and international approach of this global insurer. During this period I worked not only strategically in the headquarters but also sold insurance policies in former East-Germany and managed finally the P&C-business for that region. Sales and Underwritng became the pillars of my professional work.

After additional stops at Generali Group and 8 years in the Board of the German branch of Helvetia Insurance I finally joined Goethe Business School in Frankfurt to build up the Insurance Practice. Further interests besides insurance? Well, with my wife and our two great (wild) boys with 8/11 ys we’re living right in the heart of Frankfurt and really enjoy this amazing financial metropolis.

Please tell us about your business?
Moritz Finkelnburg: Sure. As I mentioned before, I am building up the Insurance Practice oft he Goethe Business School. We are a spinn-off oft he giant Frankfurt University with more than 70.000 students and are located directly on the beautiful university campus in the impressive House of Finance.
We are offering MBAs , Master-Programs, networking-events and specifically designed programs in the areas of „Digital Transformation“ and „Underwriting/Portfolio-Management“. One of our specialties are extremely condensed board-workshops to provide the dcision-makers with the relevant information about digital in a minimum time. A huge difference to other business-school is our staff.

We only work with operational experienced lecturers such as founders, insurtech-C’s, incubators, investors, digital marketing experts, insurers and re-insurers, brokers or insurance-analysts.

The last part of my business is bringing people together. The digital world is extremely dynamic and it is essential to offer a place where to meet. Re-insurers are looking for investment-options, founders need angels for a specific part of their business, younger startups in pre-seeding are looking for attractive coworking-spaces and insurers ask about how to start an digi-lab.Maybe the most fascinating part of my job is to bring them to Frankfurt…

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Moritz Finkelnburg: After driving my boys to school I arrive at about 9 o’clock on our Campus. After checking mails in the morning and finishing one or the other paper from the day before I have some confcalls until lunch. Today it was Jenny from MunichRe’ Digital Ventures in London, Nick from Kasko and Clas from Finletter in Hamburg to discuss an article. Lunch usually takes place in our faculty restaurant „Sturm&Drang (yes, we have one…but it’s open to everybody…and great!) where I meet Christian and Fabian from our Goethe Business Management Team to discuss the daily developments, new clients, update upcoming events etc.

In the afternoon I usually work conceptually on our programs, talk to potential clients or – which is always a kind of a highligt – have some networking event like our Goethe Influencer Lunch last week.

You are a speaker oft he event MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION. What do you talk about of the event?
Moritz Finkelnburg: I will reflect the insurtech-development oft he last years and give a little hypothesis about future development. Is there really disruption in the market? Or is it just window-dressing? How will the old economy react, if there is really a disruptive insurtech sustainably conquering the market?

What do you mean: How changed the startup scene in the last years – and what are the most mistakes of startup founders?
Moritz Finkelnburg: Considering the slow-moving old insurance economy the insurtech-movement has really shaken-up a lot. I still doubt that there is real disruption yet, but considering customer service, transparency and credibility we have already seen a lot of improvement.
Talking about digitilazation it is just to early to see real effects, however. The next years will show, if the upcoming insurtech-risk-carriers will be really digital, using all the advantages for a lean value chain and automatically designed products.. This might indeed make a huge difference to the traditional insurance companies

Which books do you read?
Moritz Finkelnburg: „Schlafwandler“ – the backgrounds of World-War I written by Christopher Clark, „Helmut Schmidt – was ich noch sagen wollte“, the last book of Germany’s famous old Chancelor and – with my kids – „Harry Potter and the goblet of fire“, which is – by far – a real pageturner…

Where do you see yourself in five years
Moritz Finkelnburg: Sucessfully running the Insurance Practice oft he Goethe Business School…or – even better – running a digital family-insurer

What 3 tips would you give to startup founders?
Be inspired but no dreamer
You need clever co-founders with startup-experience
Always have a „plan B“ in your pocket


Thank you Moritz Finkelnburg for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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