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8 Seconds Glasses

We need to concentrate more on the consumer’s needs and invent things required by...

8 Seconds Glasse, which alleviates eye strain from computer monitors and reduces the risk of visual dysfunction and blindness.
Bastian jovoto

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Smile and have fun

jovoto, a crowdstorming platform that helps global brands and NGOs solve their design and innovation challenges of creative professionals from around the world.

Be persistent on your goal and realistic about how much you can deliver.

Moodnode provide smarter home experience to people who will enjoy everything from setting up the moods with one touch to integrating it into universe of IoT devices
Team AttachingIT

You only fail when you stop trying

We are not only accelerating the transitions of companies towards the (public) Cloud, we help them being compliant once they’re in as well.

Execution is everything; don’t dwell on ideas for too long

Early this year, we decide to go one step further by building the easiest, fastest and most accurate, battery friendly, Activity API across platforms
Ricardo popkalab

Believe in your idea

POPKALAB has worked in collaboration with several fashion brands and developed many prototypes. Mainly our work is for exhibitions or fashion shows.
Nalla Bandist instruments

It’s important to make a clear choice when recruiting personnel

Bandist want to create a community environment, where all musicians and sellers can come together, offer and discover used, interesting and rare instruments all over Germany.
Noiseless Acoustics

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Kai Saksela, CEO at Noiseless Acoustics in the StartupValley FounderTalk Please introduce yourself and your Start-up to our readers! I am Kai Saksela, CEO at Noiseless Acoustics....
Craft Bicycle

Invest in yourself every day

Craft Bicycle: Our mission is to build a bicycle with sustainable materials, that offers the best comfort and a design that will turn heads
Doron Cohen_CEO of Covercy

Be Agile enough so you can make slight pivots to improve your product

Covercy offer a solution that allows everyone the opportunity to transfer money internationally and exchange currencies at low costs.