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Post-COVID home-based care: remote going beyond monitoring

Paragate Medical preparing for first clinical trial

Covid-19 has changed the nature of care throughout the world. As part of a growing trend, Paragate Medical, an NGT3 VC portfolio company, has developed a solution for heart and kidney failure patients that is transcending the norm.

Most remote solutions use telematics to offer some type of remote monitoring. Founders Dr. Yair Feld, Nitai Hanani, and the team at Paragate have developed a solution that not only monitors, but also provides 24/7 home-based care to patients coping with chronic heart and kidney failure.

Paragate’s IPUD (Implantable Peritoneal Ultrafiltration Device) is a minimally invasive and fully implantable device that serves as a mechanical bypass of the kidneys. It actively, continuously, and non-aggressively removes excess fluid from the body to keep patients balanced at home, reducing the burden of frequent repeated hospitalizations.

The company conducted successful preclinical studies and is planning to begin the clinical trials this year. Paragate Medical is part of Nazareth-based NGT3, a VC firm investing in life science startups led by Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs with a strong belief that the most effective platform for strengthening Jewish-Arab relations is an economic one, allowing for collaboration and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

Tech from NGT3 portfolio companies is already saving lives by making cancer surgery safer for women, preventing hemorrhage, and accelerating healing after neurosurgery. One company is even working on an app and Bluetooth device to solve premature ejaculation.

Picture: Amir Toren, Nitai Hanani and Yair Feld

Source: NGT3 VC/ Paragate

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