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Back your vision with persistence

Quick eSelling B2B Ecommerce Platform to help create and grow your businesses

Please introduce yourself and your startup Quick eSelling for our readers.

Being born in Rajasthan and raised in the United States, I have had the privilege of experiencing both resourcefulness and resource-abundance from a very tender age. After finishing my Master’s from Sukhadia University, Udaipur, I started my entrepreneurial journey working in the Medtech space and expanded to eCommerce by launching the Quick eSelling B2B Ecommerce Platform. From day one, we launched a product-based technology company when the market was still used to the predictability of service businesses. While the idea was challenging at first, we launched and scaled SoftClinic EMR Software in the Medtech space as one of the most renowned technology brands in the vertical. 

With the same vision, we launched Quick eSelling in 2015. In just over five years, we have worked with over 25,000 merchants across the globe and have processed over 5 million transactions. We provide an easy to use B2C & B2B Online Ordering System for merchants in a SaaS-based offering to help them go online quickly. With the click of a few buttons, you can import your entire inventory onto our platform with your domain name. Then, attract customers with the inbuilt CRM system and retain them with the advanced features like segment-based pricing, freight charges, product management, etc., on the platform. In a brief span, we have achieved the kind of scale accessible only to a handful of product-led technology companies in India while creating vendor-level impact. Our platform has empowered the vendors to shift to a cloud environment with an integrated CRM.

How Did You Get the Idea of Quick eSelling?

The same way that we got the idea for SoftClinic HMS – by observing the need gaps in the market. In 2014-15, eCommerce started growing in India but was still driven by discounts and marketplace models. We understood that the discount and aggressive marketing-driven growth were great for the more prominent players. But for the small & medium-sized companies in the fragmented B2B and B2C industries, this was not a sustainable model. Our insights also indicated a latent need for the vendors to control the customer experience without spending thousands of dollars in building a custom platform with plain vanilla features.

So, we brainstormed and enlisted the most high-impact features an eCommerce platform should have, iterated the UI for simplicity, and made the pricing accessible to the smallest vendors in the industry. With our platform, you can start your online store with a portfolio of 1,000 products without incurring a penny in platform costs. That is how Quick eSelling was born!

Why Did You Decide to Start with Quick eSelling?

While the need gap was one of the fundamental drivers, we saw a growing concern among vendors to have more control over the eCommerce store they were running. Many vendors wanted to call the shots on features, marketing messages, and CRM integrations. While marketplaces provided the scale from day one of operations, they also took away a significant portion of the control. We knew the small & medium-sized businesses understand the market at the ground level, and the future would be dependent on how they move online. 

We also had the required resources in place. Having run JVS Group since 2002, I had access to some of the country’s finest engineering and product management talent, which was ready to take on a new challenge. So, we got to work as we saw the opportunity and our preparedness to dominate the landscape. 

What is the Vision Behind Quick eSelling?

Our long-term goal is to democratize the eCommerce industry for small & medium-sized businesses in the B2B and B2C space globally by giving them a frictionless transition process with an out-of-the-box eCommerce solution. We firmly believe in need-based innovation and have worked hard to iterate each feature & functionality to align it with the need profiles of our target group – the SMBs. 

How Difficult was the Start and Which Challenges You Had to Overcome?

While we had a deep understanding of launching a product-centric technology business, we had to work around the talent gaps and inertia in the decision-making process since our platform is aligned with a strategic change for the SMBs.

The talent gap was mainly in terms of what people brought to the table. Most of the engineering and product talent in the country was still used to the Services model. We wanted people who were ready to learn, iterate, innovate, and scale a platform that would lay the foundation for India’s eCommerce future. We took a leap of faith by hiring people and training them instead of hiring the ‘perfect CV.’ And our growth in this brief span is an example of how investing in people pays off, even if you are in the technology business. 

And we just had to make the process as seamless as possible for the vendors in terms of product adoption. The free subscription and the vast portfolio of features made it easy for our customers to experience the platform’s capabilities. And things organically scaled from there. Once we got the vendors to try Quick eSelling, we did not have any problems helping them realize the full potential of eCommerce. 

Who is Your Target Audience?

Our target audience consists of small, medium, and even some large-scale enterprises in the B2B and B2C space, focusing on fashion, grocery, jewellery, restaurant, cosmetics, electronics, automotive, health & business, sporting goods, wholesale, general merchandise, handicrafts, etc. 

What is the USP of Your Startup?

In one line – we make launching and running your eCommerce store a frictionless process. 

I will elaborate. We offer a single and robust CRM that works across the eCommerce website and mobile application, making it easy for operators to go to the dashboard and make critical decisions. Moreover, we offer advanced features like comprehensive product portfolio management, a stunning & customizable frontend, seamless integrations with leading payment gateways, social media integrations, voice search, Ad, QR code, and barcode scanner, etc. (I invite your readers to learn more about Quick eSelling features here.) 

With Quick eSelling, you can launch your store in a matter of minutes without having to write even one line of code. We take care of the hosting, integrations, and management for you, so you can focus on the processes that add the maximum value to your business. Besides that, we are one of the very few platforms that provide enterprise-grade technology at zero costs and zero transaction fees for up to 3 months for both B2B and B2C eCommerce verticals. 

I will do a great disservice to your readers if I do not highlight the support system we have built at Quick eSelling. Our customers get access to comprehensive support throughout their journey and can even get a dedicated Account Manager if they need one. 

Can You Describe Your Typical Workday?

I am an early bird and like to have the edge over my day. I start with an extensive workout and walk through my priorities for the day. Since JVS Group operates in 45 countries across different time zones, each day looks different from the previous one. I provide the necessary leadership, operational expertise, approvals, and facetime to our teammates and customers across the globe. I make sure I squeeze in a few hours to read. This helps me stay updated with the industry trends. Along with that, my focus is on leading from the front and spending time with my lovely family. 

Where Do You See Yourself and Your Startup Quick eSelling in Five Years?

I see myself growing the excellent team at Quick eSelling, with more young talent launching exceptional products that business owners across the globe love. Over the next five years, we aim to make Quick eSelling one of the top five B2B eCommerce platforms across the globe. 

What 3 Tips Would You Give to Founders?

Media stories make it seem like entrepreneurs and founders are the protagonists at every startup. I beg to differ. The right team can steepen your learning curve as an entrepreneur and your growth curve as a company. So, build a team of experts as early as you can in your journey. And once you have these people on board, trust them and empower them with resources, tools, and decision-making freedom. 

The second tip would be to challenge conventions. If you want to do what everyone is doing and have no idea what differentiates your offerings, I strongly recommend you introspect. This is not about leading the market. This is about creating a unique and defensible position in the market, and that begins with solid differentiation. This has to be adequately balanced with relevance and the market’s inherent needs. Be different and relevant. 

The final tip would be to cultivate deep focus on creating value for the ecosystem. Some entrepreneurs confuse creating value for shareholders with creating value for the stakeholders. The difference is in the breadth of things you do when you focus on stakeholders. Your stakeholders would include the people you hire, your customers, and even the market you operate in, along with your investors. Doing so gives a holistic perspective to the entrepreneur, which will let you make the right call at the right time. 

And as we all already understand – back your vision with persistence, and you will never end up empty-handed. 

Thank you Saket Singhi for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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