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Nothing works without the risk , don’t be scared.

The Digit Nine is a global platform which includes mentors, best practices and investors

Please introduce yourself and your startup The Digit Nine to our readers!

Mantra : Be the Change in your big dreams !

I’m based in Edmonton , Canada . I’m an Ideator and innovator. A Specialist with 14+ years of international experience in Business Strategy and Innovation. An MBA from London, England in International Marketing and strategy. With Broad experience in marketing, sales, coaching, mentoring, customer service, monitoring cash flows, brand building, digital marketing and developing business strategies she aims to mentor and coach as many aspirants who want to make it big in their career.

Digit Nine is a platform , which will enable various start-ups to reach that ultimate goal of International funding .Foreign best practices and Investors can be hard to access and pitch , this is where The Digit Nine brings it all together , The digit nine will bring the best start-ups from 10 different countries and help them reach their ultimate goal to be that ” CHANGE IN THEIR BIG DREAMS”

How did you get the idea of The Digit Nine?

The current company , that I’m working at , was in the phase of getting an investor on board + so many other things. I couldn’t find one platform , that gave me an opportunity to learn, make changes and then PITCH to investors on a global platform , there were agencies but it was all broken down in various parts.

Thats when , this struck me , where we could get mentors , train the start-ups , get founders – learn best practices and then get the entrepreneurs ready for their Pitch to the investors all under one roof in 5 Days .

Why did you decide to start with The Digit Nine?

It was time , I put my vision and my dreams in work and get to reality . It was a wake up call , which was on  snooze for years .

What is the vision behind The Digit Nine?

The Vision is to be that one stop global solution to all Business and Financial Needs.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

Honestly , the difficulty was my current work , where I’m working as Chief Operation officer .So giving time to ideate something new and from scratch was difficult . But with time management and different time -zones , we have left that challenge far behind and is ready for the first competition to be held in London, United Kingdom ,this May 2020.

Who is your target audience?

Active early stage start-ups & Budding and ambitious entrepreneurs. In simple terms anyone with an idea and ready to challenge themselves , is my target audience .

What is the USP of your startup?

A global platform which includes mentors, best practices and investors all under one roof in 5 days .

Can you describe your typical workday ?

Work starts at 6AM , for few hours for Digit nine , emails and phone calls . 

Morning to Mid day – As a Chief Operating Officer .

Mid Day to Evening – Back to Digit Nine .

Where do you see yourself and your startup The Digit Nine in five years?

My Target for 2021-2022 is to get entrepreneurs not just from Canada , but also from 10 other countries such as Africa  , India , South Korea, Japan and many others .

In the 5 years I want to achieve 50 countries under the belt of the digit nine.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Ideate – You don’t know what your idea can do , unless you don’t take that step

Take the risk – Nothing works without the risk , don’t be scared.

Push Hard – Don’t give up and push hard .

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