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A call to action from Lilienthal Berlin

The New L1 Limited Edition Five to Twelve

The new Limited Edition Five to Twelve is a wake-up call. With the ocean blue case and highlighted 5-minutes-to-12 segment on the dial, Lilienthal Berlin draws attention to the ecological countdown, reminding us that it is not too late to change the world for the better.

The climate crisis is not a new issue facing society, yet Greta Thunberg’s rallying cry and support from the mainstream media, mean that green-thinking and sustainable action plans are hot topics. The events of 2020 have also shown the world that the time to act is now. With the new Limited Edition Five to Twelve, Lilienthal Berlin wishes to pass on this awareness to its customers. Truly, a symbiosis of the highest craftsmanship and an extraordinary commitment to change.

A New Design with an Important Message

The design of the new L1 Limited Edition Five to Twelve differs to the classic look of the L1 Original and delivers an important message. The gleaming silver dial with engraved hour lines and highlighted 5-minutes-to-12 segment are housed in a brushed ocean blue case. The elevated rotating seconds disc and the ‘FIVE TO TWELVE’ lettering that lines the brightly accentuated segment are unique design elements. The message behind this Limited Edition is clear: time is running out and now is the time to make a change. It is an encouraging call to action.

Regardless of whether the issue is environmentalism, sustainability, diversity, or equal rights – 2020 is the year of change. Everyone can contribute, and Lilienthal Berlin is leading the way. With sustainable production in Germany and the highest standard of sustainable materials selected, the Berlin-based brand has been setting new standards in the industry since it was founded four years ago.

́ ́We are convinced that everyone can contribute to changing the world positively. Whether through the production of our watches, our sustainable lifestyle or our commitment to diversity and equality. We try to set new standards in all areas of our business“, says Jacques Colman, one of the three managing directors of Lilienthal Berlin.

A Role Model Committed to Sustainability

Exclusive and brand new to the L1 Five to Twelve is a vegan paper-leather strap. Made from a mixture of cellulose fibers and latex, it looks and feels like leather, yet with its own distinct character. As with all straps from Lilienthal Berlin, it is equipped with a simple quick-change mechanism and can be fitted to all watches from the brand.

2020 is a turning point. Therefore, the edition is limited to just 2,020 pieces, available in 37.5 or 42.5 millimeters. Once all watches are sold, Lilienthal Berlin will donate 5000 euros to charitable institutions and children’s aid projects.

This year has brought with it a lot of upheaval, but an extraordinary reaction can arise from an extraordinary situation. All it takes is commitment, solidarity, and a focus on the essentials. The L1 Limited Edition Five to Twelve is a reminder to make a difference every day.

The L1 Limited Edition is now available at Price starting from 339 EUR

Source Lilienthal Berlin GmbH

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