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Don t be to hard for yourself we are all human

The WOW dinner worldwide network for women in tech and marketing

Please introduce yourself and your startup WOW dinner to our readers!

First of all thank you Startup Valley Magazing for having me and our organization. My name is Isabel van der Kolk , Colombian / Dutch women and set up The WOW Dinner together with a wonderful team, partners and network. I live in the Netherlands and working 4 days at PR Dashboard a media company in the heart of Amsterdam, NL.  

How did you get the idea to WOW dinner?

I was in Facebook Group for Women in Tech and it was almost 6 Months before the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. At a certain point someone asked for a coffee and responded with yes. After that post more people responded. In a split second thought why don t we all go to dinner ?  So made a new simple post ; Who wants to go to dinner ? At that moment didn t realize there were already 6.000 women in the group.  In one day had 300 likes and 500 reactions. Yes, I was a bit worried of the impact that post had.

Luckly, Carolina from Lisbon, Portugal approached me and she helped me with finding a local restaurant. The restaurant was in the old center of Lisbon and looked over Place de Commerce.  She did an amazing job and we met actualy on Facebook and never met or connected before. Based on trust we worked together. We even got Heineken in as sponsor. The name WOW Dinner is something my current Employer came up with and the logo is designed by a dear friend who is from the LGTB Community in San Francisco.

He is working in the tech industry. We did the promotion ourselves and we were working 24 around the clock. The dinner was sold out in 2 Months. We where the first in Lisbon, Portugal that organized a networking dinner for women along side the Websummit and a lot of people see it as a tradition what is a huge compliment for us and don t take lightly. 

Our next event is in Toronto, Canada at the 21th of May 2019.

  We have a good line up of speakers and a very good location and in line with our mission. The Gladstone is owned by two women and is in the center of Toronto, Canada.  Tickets order via Eventbrite:

Recently our Team Leader in Germany Anna Lisa signed a partnership with a DMEXCO and this is fresh news.  Yes, we are really proud of  our partnership. We already have a location and a great line – up. That we will soon announce.  We where  in Germany earlier this year and we got the chance to meet amazing people. You can order tickets via: 

Beside that we working with other organizations in terms of events. Most of the time we get approached by other organizations what offcourse is very humbling and we definitly don t take it for granted but, sometimes we have to make a choice what is not always easy. 

Anna Lisa Selter, Ambassador for The WOW Dinner Germany

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

It is not difficult to start but, it is more difficult to follow the same road.  There are now many events and you really have to offer value and not only take. Listen is far more importanted and that is hard especially on social media where everyone wants to get your attention but, also in your every day communication. 

Who is your target audience?

We are a women in tech organization but, we are fortunate we have men and women in our network. Our Twitter account is followed by 50/50 and we are proud of that and we want to make content for everyone. 

What is the USP of your startup?

We connect people inside and outside our network. If we see speakers oppertunities or other chanches we try to fullfill that. Out of our network came succesful speaker, career, sponsor and mentor oppertunities. We try to focus on the positive side and make an effort. And we do the most behind the scenes but, sometime we come out with succesful stories. We are too busy to share everything and personally don t feel the need to. I am not going for an award or recognition in that sense.  I am more into meeting people and here there story. 

Can you describe a typical workday of you?

Early in the morning walking my dachshund and than go work.  During my lunch break making calls and walk in the center to get s some air. Had to learn that and sometime stay inside what is not the best for your health.  After go come back and work normal office hours. Than go home and on my way home again calls and at home put the phone away cook and than eat. After eating clean. More calling and working and than my phone away. Walk the dog again and than go to bed. 

Where do you see yourself and your startup WOW dinner in five years?

The WOW Dinner still excist in which shape and form we will see. What I already see that certain things are changing in the event sector but, write alot and we will see if I am correct. 

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?

Everyone make mistakes and know it is an open door but, have been there. 

Stand up for your team. 

Don t be to hard for yourself we are all human. 

More information you will find here

Thank you Isabel van der Kolk for the Interview

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