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Traceless Materials: the bioplastic of the future

Traceless Materials from Germany competed against more than 180 startups, making it to the Green Alley Award finals! The invention of Traceless Materials claims to be one step ahead of other bioplastics on the market today: Thanks to the special technology developed by the German startup, agricultural industry residues are transformed into a sustainable alternative to film or hard plastic packaging or plastic coating. The result is an all-natural material that is not only completely bio-based but can also be composted in your organic waste bin within two to nine weeks.

Check out this holistic solution to single-use plastic at the Green Alley Award finals!

You claim your solution to be a holistic answer to the plastic pollution problem. Could you describe in more detail what you mean by that?

85% of all plastics ever produced are still in landfills or swimming in our oceans. The plastics and bioplastics currently available on the market are not compostable there, so they lead to serious environmental and marine pollution. Our traceless materials are designed to degrade in the environment. They are based on natural biopolymers and after their use, products made of traceless materials can be safely reintroduced into the biological cycle through home or industrial composting, bringing nutrients back to nature or producing energy in biogas facilities. And should they end up in our environment or oceans, they break down completely into CO2 and H2O with no residues or get eaten by animals – leaving no trace and contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14.1 to prevent marine pollution and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.5 to reduce waste generation. traceless prevents 100% plastic in the environment! 

What is your USP? What differentiates your material from other biobased and biodegradable plastics?

Our traceless technology represents a first-of-a-kind, disruptive approach to produce a novel, natural, advanced material as alternative to conventional (bio)plastics from residues of the agricultural food production industry. Therefore, while bio-based, traceless materials do not compete with food production and avoid further land-use change. In contrast to conventional (bio)plastics, our materials don’t need additives harming environment or human health – they are even edible! – and have up to 87% lower CO2 emissions. traceless’ USP is our tailored, bio-circular approach, holistically sustainable while competitive in material properties and price, removing the need for a compromise between sustainability, health, and affordability.

Our technology filed for patent allows us to manufacture our film, rigid plast and coating solution in a less complex, more environmentally friendly and ultimately much cheaper way, creating a unique situation for traceless to disrupt and change the dynamics of the (bio)plastic market now to make traceless a solution for people in all demographics and income levels in their everyday life.

What are the current challenges for you to gain customers and bring your product on the market?

The impact we can achieve is directly correlated to the amount of traceless material that is used instead of conventional (bio)plastics. To maximize our market share and thereby our contribution to solve the global plastic pollution, we need to scale up our production capacities quickly. We already receive a lot of interest from potential customers interested in our materials eg. for packaging in the food and non-food sector, but these customers need more material quantity than we can currently provide for their applications.

Therefore, we are now building our pilot plant, the first step to scale up our technology to industrial production scale and in parallel optimize the further processing of our materials together with our partners from the plastic converting and packaging industry. Last but not least, we are continuously developing our materials further to make them applicable to even more products that can potentially end up in the environment. Our vision is a world without plastic pollution. Therefore, it is our goal to make traceless the market leader for compostable plastic alternatives and no. 1 consumer choice.

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Source Green Alley Award

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