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Work on becoming more resilient

Twinwin HR and Legal B2B SaaS to empower HR as well as Management

Please introduce yourself and your startup Twinwin to our readers!

My name is Max Bauermeister and I’m one of the founders and the CEO of twinwin. I have always been extremely passionate about technological innovation, especially in the field of HR. Specifically my interest has been at the intersection of human as well as organisational behaviour and technology. This mainly comes down to the fact that this area is in my opinion still heavily undertechnologised and at the end of the day people are always the most important asset. Already during my Master’s studies at King’s College in London, I developed data-based models for the main topics of Employee Engagement and Change Management in order to test and practically implement this approach over the years. At Kenjo we reinvented the way you manage and engage your workforce via technology on a more holistic level.

Now, with Twinwin we bridge the gap between hr and legal. Hence we provide a software-supported advisory service which aims to free our partners from monotonous, recurring tasks by means of legal-tech digitalisation and automation. Essentially we want to empower managers and HR to spend more meaningful time with employees, as opposed to on legal administrative constraints in HR.

How did you get the idea of Twinwin?

Over the past few years that I have been involved in various Startups, HR legal has been a continuously recurring topic amongst Management and HR. Not only have I experienced myself the pains of uncertainty in this field, but repeatedly witnessed a degree of frustration and lack of knowledge amongst many others. This expressed itself when listening to many semi-informed ‘water-cooler’ discussions around HR compliance topics or in completely oversubscribed HR events with the topic of legal.

The idea to found Twinwin originally stems from a trend in the B2C sector. Platforms such as for instance RightNow have successfully been providing solutions and advice on legal related matters for several years. Few of these platforms also devote time to laid off employees who are looking to see if they are able to make a claim and receive severance. With our first SaaS module we attempt to avoid this type of escalation altogether by facilitating a fair and compliant offboarding process to start with. Certainly not the easiest product to begin with since lay-offs are stigmatised as one of the more taboo topics, though this last step of the employee-employer relationship has a lot of screw-up potential and can turn a great organisational culture and employment brand into a terrible one overnight.

Why did you decide to start with Twinwin?

In order to make administrative-legal HR topics more accessible for HR and Management. When our customers face challenges, we want to provide them with a seamless and convenient experience. 

What is the vision behind Twinwin?

To empower HR as well as Management and reduce time, money and nerves spent on tasks at the intersection of HR & legal. Initially we shed light on blindspots around legal-administrative concerns by offering our customers the necessary knowledge instantly and ondemand. Not only giving them the necessary clarity and safety for a fraction of the time and money spent but also guiding them through critical topics either via human, personal, interaction or robo-advisory.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

It was challenging in the sense that the corona wave had just hit Europe. There was a lot of uncertainty and we were out to raise our first financing round. Many investors were either holding back or pouring more money and saving their current investments. We aimed to take advantage of the turmoil and altered our pitch deck accordingly to really highlight this current window of opportunity, due to the foreseeable lay-offs that were bound to happen. 1 in 5 SME’s are facing lay-offs in Germany and we aim to help soften the blow by providing a fair and safe way to go about the separation process. At the end we really managed to capitalise on the argument of unique timing and managed to secure the funding within 2 months.

Who is your target audience?

We predominantly aim to help HR and Management of SME’s in Germany. Though we also always bare in mind the interest of the employee in order to build a more holistic, sustainable product. Currently the majority of our customers are startups who are either setting up or scaling their business and require flexible on demand and pragmatic help.

Can you describe your typical workday?

I get up at around seven to catch-up on the news (usually Tagesschau and Startup News). Afterwards check my emails and plan my day at 8:30. So that I’m ready to go for the latest 9. Then usually either internal or external meetings. At lunch I try to get out of the house and grab something to go. Back to work until approx. 7, with all types of different tasks ranked by priority (customer ops, product, marketing, sales, finance, everything that needs urgent attention). I have a rule, anything that is worth looking into and takes me less than 1 minute I do straight away.

My evenings consist of bi-weekly workout sessions or mentoring and personal reflection/growth (can highly recommend!). Afterwards, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch me at my local Berlin pub in Neukölln to catch the second half of a football match or socialise. I consider this a somewhat grounding experience when you’re otherwise speaking startup slang to investors or mingle within the startup community all the time. 10:15 is usually my bed time, here I always reflect on the existing days and check/rearrange the next days plan accordingly. Repeat, repeat, repeat,..

Where do you see yourself and your startup Twinwin in five years?

We offer a wide range of products and services for a fraction of the price at convenience. You can integrate twinwin into your current HRIS or use it as a standalone add-on providing you with clarity in decision making on the spot.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

  • Stick to what you’re good at, find people who compliment you and enable them.
  • Cliche but, put in the work(!), though it’s a marathon, so don’t burn yourself.
  • Work on becoming more resilient by using setbacks and turning them into productivity.

More information you will find here

Thank you Max Bauermeister for the Interview

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