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Research your idea and anything similar

Ugigs Stream streaming app keep the live entertainment industry alive to help entertainers

Please introduce yourself and your startup UGigs Stream to our readers!

My name is Claire Barrett and I am the founder of Ugigs Stream, a one stop streaming app that will help keep the live entertainment industry alive in these crazy times.

How did you get the idea of UGigs Stream?

The idea came about 2 months into the pandemic. As a gigging musician, I was massively impacted when covid hit and wanted to create something to help all live entertainers overcome and adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Why did you decide to start with UGigs Stream?

I decided to start with Ugigs stream because of covid and off the back of my original app, Ugigs which I hadn’t launched yet. The original Ugigs app is an Uber style booking platform for venues and entertainers. I plan to launch this if and when life gets back to normal.

What is the vision behind UGigs Stream?

My vision is for this app to help entertainers carry on doing what they love doing. This app can be used for all kinds of gigs, whether you want to gig from your living room or a stadium, directly to your followers/fans. It’s also designed to help venues (once they’re allowed to reopen) create more revenue as they adjust to social distancing by allowing them to book your stream into their venue or book you for a live gig and sell the stream to people at home.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

The biggest obstacle was financial to be honest. But I believed in it enough to find the funds and take the chance.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is all kinds of live entertainment artists, Bands, singers, comedians, children’s entertainers etc

What is the USP of your startup?

Our USP is that there is no other app like UGigs Stream on the market, it gives power back to artists by cutting out the middle man of talent agents, it also allows artists and venues to easily sell tickets through the app *just like ticket master, however the live gigs themselves are viewed through the app on any device instead of in-person). Audience members can create a profile and select preferences to what type of entertainment they are interested in, this ranges from live-music to comedy. They can then browse through upcoming gigs and performers we think they would like.

Can you describe your typical workday ?

My typical day is a mix of working my new day job ( after I lost all my gigs, I became an estate agent) and contacting artists, influencers. I also have regular contact with my amazing team who are currently applying the finishing touches to my Ugigs Stream App, ready for February 20th when we are planning to launch.

Where do you see yourself and your startup UGigs Stream in five years?

In 5 years, I am hoping that we have normality back but I still think that live streaming will be here to stay. I can see Ugigs Stream being utilised worldwide in all aspects of streaming. I’d like to think that the app will be on all music and entertainment fans’ phones and it will be used for every kind of entertainer to monetise their talent.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

The 3 tips I have are firstly, research your idea and anything similar. Secondly, make contact with the right people, pick their brains and try and get the right people on board and thirdly, just go for it! Believe in your idea and yourself.

Thank you Claire Barrett for the Interview

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