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It is important to have a clear target of what you want to achieve

Unlimint: A constantly evolving financial interface for innovators

Please introduce yourself and Unlimint to our readers!

My name is Irene Skrynova, I am 27 years old and I am the Chief Customer Officer at Unlimint. Unlimint is a global fintech company founded in 2009, and it currently operates from 16 offices all over the world, from APAC to LATAM, with over 400 employees. We offer a large portfolio of financial services to businesses – from acquiring (payment processing) to banking and issuing. In my current role, I’m focused on commercial success through opening up new opportunities, expansion, optimization, and creating successful teams. My expertise lies in online payments, acquiring, and crypto, and is spiced up with a deep understanding of consumer psychology through a marketing background.

How did you come to join Unlimint?

I joined Unlimint more than four years ago, after having worked in other fintech organisations including within the crypto and finance fields. Joining Unlimint was a logical step in my career journey and I’m glad I’m here at such an exciting time for industries like online payments and crypto.

What is the vision behind Unlimint and the company’s mission?

Our mission is to be “ready for tomorrow” to provide our customers with a sense of stability in the ever-changing financial landscape and to give them an opportunity to be prepared for whatever the tomorrow of business brings their way so that while others observe, they can be one step ahead. We utilise our technological stack to deliver all of entrepreneurs’ financial needs in a single platform and to simplify complex processes to ensure our clients get what they need to expand and grow globally.

Who is Unlimint’s target audience?

Innovative digital and online businesses, from eCommerce to gaming and crypto.

What’s your role within Unlimint and what are you responsible for?

As a Chief Customer Officer I’m responsible for the Customer Development Strategy and oversee all activities of the department globally (Europe, Asia, and LATAM) to ensure the strategic targets and KPIs are met. My team proactively grows the business by expanding and developing relationships with the merchants and partners, ensuring the highest level of client service, and exceeding team commercial goals.

How difficult was the start of your career in fintech and which challenges did you have to overcome?

I’d say that fintech is a relatively new field that hasn’t been taught in universities so you had to gain all the knowledge on the go. I was studying almost everything I could find and put an effort into building my own experience and point of view. As a young woman, I was quite lucky to be supported by many people who believed in me.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Unlimint?

Unlimint provides solutions that go beyond acquiring, including banking, card issuing, and banking as a service, as well as a platform developed especially for the gamedev industry. This way, we are able to address a number of our customers’ challenges at the same time, backing the technical side of things with deep local expertise.

Can you describe your typical workday?

As I manage a global team, my typical morning starts with a catch-up with our APAC team who are located in Hong Kong, Xiamen, and Singapore. I am very number-centric and every day when I arrive at the office I start with an overview of our payment performance and other metrics over a cup of coffee. The workdays with our European team are very dynamic, usually fully packed with internal discussions and meetings with our clients. The second part of the day is when our LATAM team steps in and more time is dedicated to our Brazilian and Mexican teams.

Where do you see yourself and Unlimint in five years?

Personally, I feel that I’m at the right place now as the company is well aligned with my values: it is ambitious, international, and fast-growing, at the same time it is very innovative, and I’m planning to continue the journey with them. The online payments industry is now more dynamic and challenging than ever. In the next years, I see that Unlimint will continue to expand and evolve with transaction volumes growing across the globe. For sure it will introduce new business models to satisfy the business needs of other client profiles. All of that reveals a need for constant modernization and infrastructure update to open up the possibility to enter new markets overseas.

What three tips would you give to fellow women in tech?

It is important to have a clear target of what you want to achieve and where exactly you see yourself in your career. A strong vision will shape the reality and lead you to the expected future sooner or later. Secondly, people are vital for success, and as a leader, you need to be supportive of your team. Sharing a vision of the desired future with them is the best way to achieve extraordinary results.

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Thank you Irene Skrynova for the Interview

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