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Don’t forget to be active and eat health!

WirFit fitness trainer platform make it possible to maintain an active lifestyle

Please introduce yourself and your startup WirFit to our readers!

I am Abigale Li, the founder of WirFit. I am born and raised in Beijing, now living in Hamburg. During the years of working in business development sector, I knew that I would love to get involved more with fitness. I believed it must be rewarding to leverage your capability with your passion. Though there are so many sectors in fitness which you can just start easily, none convinced me to let go my security. Only until I dived in the fitness industry a bit further, I discovered several problems that I would love to solve and bring value to the industry.

WirFit is an on-demand fitness trainer platform, that we provide a solution for everyone to be able to maintain an active lifestyle for the long run. With WirFit, the trainer who matches your fitness interest will come to your location at your chosen time. Meanwhile, u can invite one of your friends to join the session without extra charge. Our service maximise the conveniency and motivation for customers at a competitive price point.

How did you get the idea of WirFit?

While I was getting my fitness trainer certificate aside my previous job, I got to know so many great trainers. They were well educated and experienced, but struggling with getting more customers. It’s sad that some of them even needed other part-time jobs just to afford a decent lifestyle. I am not talking about the top 3% trainer who got great marketing skills with tons of followers, but the other 97% who are doing a great job at fitness training.

On the other hand, my friends were complaining about the difficulty to reach out to trainers. The only way that they were familiar with was to go through gyms, but sometimes they got offered by a trainer who might not match their interests or schedule.

A good idea always comes from problems. I observed the problems from both side, and came up with the solution of WirFit.

Why did you decide to start with WirFit?

Problem solving is exciting and fun for me. I knew that I wanted to pursue the project, but I didn’t start right away. I started with market research, market analysis and communication with both side of potential users. The idea got refined a lot along the way, till the product became visualisable, that was where I decided to go all-in with WirFit.

What is the vision behind WirFit?

We all can be active and reach our fitness goals in a period of time, if we are determined enough. But we are also good at looking for excused. Interestingly enough, nearly all of the excuses can fall into two categories – either I am too busy, or I can’t find enough motivation. WirFit created the solution based on your true struggles. We make it possible for everyone to maintain an active lifestyle sustainably.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

The hardest thing is to let go. When you are excited to solve a problem, you might come up with so many solutions or different kind of products. Same as WirFit, the first version I had in mind was not quite close to the real product now. Especially at the beginning, everything is limited, so we really needed to analyse the reality from all angles and make hard decisions to bring out what was possible at the moment. For all other ideas, we have simply documented them, and will wait till the right moment to develop further.

Who is your target audience?

WirFit can activate the potential market demand. For people don’t engage in fitness regularly yet, WirFit create zero entry level and zero commitment for everyone to start your active journey. Or for people want to try out different training types, as we include many options, from yoga to boxing.

What is the USP of your startup?

Our society is digitalising in every prospective, and fitness is one of the leading ones in digitalisation. There are enough solutions to assist fitness activity. But the active population always stays the same, which means it’s challenging for inactive people to gain the active habit. We are truly valuing the in-person interaction. We believe when it comes to physical activity, an in-person support plays an irreplaceable role, not only with the trainers, but also with your peers.

Can you describe your typical workday ?

I like to plan my week, appointment and daily KPI in advance, so I roughly know what’s the priority of the day. Therefore, first thing in the morning is to check up with the team with progress or if any matter needs to be solved urgently. Then I get into my tasks. Afterwork I always hit the gym for one hour training. After I got home, I immediately follow up with a quick yoga and stretch in order to calm down. And always try to get as much sleep as I can.

Where do you see yourself and your startup WirFit in five years?

WirFit will expand internationally and help more people to maintain an active lifestyle. We will also collaborate with strategic partners, who share the similar vision to bring more value to the customers.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Try to forget about security – give full power to achieve what you want to achieve, and give it a deadline to where you can afford. If you have a backup solution in your head the whole time, you will progress slower.

Friends & Family – it’s so easy to dive in your working world and neglect the people you love, but they are your mental strength income.

Health – Don’t forget to be active and eat health! That way, we can always perform at the best. Because WirFit matters!

More information you will find here

Thank you Abigale Li for the Interview

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