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5 Tips To Write Content That Will Get Tons Of Shares

Have you ever thought about features that make sharable content? Millions of articles are published every day. Nonetheless, only a thousand articles go viral. Why does it happen so? How to write content that will be engaging and evoke a desire to share it from a user?

A visually attractive headline is halfway to success. To be shared, an article should include content that will be useful months after publishing. What tricks can one use to create sharable content?

What Makes Sharable Content: 5 Tips You Will Want To Try

The audience is unpredictable. One can never be 100% certain that his piece of writing will be liked and shared at once.

It should however be noted that there are some features you should pay attention to increase the chances of getting content shared:

Make it entertaining. This type of written data evokes positive emotions from a reader that he will undoubtedly want to share with others.

It should look attractive. How can a piece of writing look attractive to a reader? It should be easy to read, split into small paragraphs, contain lists, and look harmonious.

It should address your audience’s needs and beliefs. Learn your audience, its problems, and interests. Your content should focus on solving issues that worry your readers and resonate with their personalities. Show that you share the same life values as your audience.

It should work on practice. To be useful and shared, content should have practical significance for a reader. The most popular content that may have practical application is often titled “How to.” Look through reviews of companies and the most asked questions to see problems you can discuss in your content.

Discounts. Getting rewards is one of the most popular tricks used by content creators. Encourage your audience to share content in exchange for a certain type of reward (discount for a book, a tutorial, a course, the next lesson, etc.).

How To Make Catchy Content?

After you selected the niche, it is time to create exciting sharable content. The process covers simple but crucial actions.

Step 1. Determine your audience

Getting to know people who are looking for your content is crucial knowledge. One should clearly understand his audience’s needs and preferences to better deliver information.

To determine the topic, scan basic search queries in your niche. Choose the topic that may offer useful and, at the same time, an effective solution to their problem.

Step 2. Add A Catchy Headline

A headline is the most important and first thing a user sees while seeking answers to his question. Only after reading it, he decides whether he wants to read the content or not. This step involves the creation of a headline, engaging users.

A catchy headline should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be short (up to 70 chars);
  • It should contain power words and adjectives (e.g., best, most important, terrific, amazing, etc.);
  • It should be intriguing;
  • It can contain “lists” (e.g., top 5 facts, 7 most powerful tools, etc.).

Step 3. Content Upload

Once you developed a good headline, it is time to prepare content for an article. Are essay writing services any good for that?

Why not? After you provide the necessary instructions on how you would like your content to look, professionals will create custom-tailored content ready for upload. Remember that your article should offer practical solutions that will be useful and exciting to share or save.

Step 4. Get Some Buttons Ready For Data Share

Buttons on social media networks are compulsory elements for data share on social media. Do not forget to include a call-to-action paragraph in your article, motivating readers to share information.

Step 5. Make Use Of Visuals

In terms of data perception, people fall into two categories:

  • With visual perception;
  • With audio perception.

Considering that content is written data, you should do everything possible to make it informative and memorable for both. You can add images, infographics, short videos, and even an audio record variant of your article.

Step 6. Hashtags (not obligatory)

Hashtags are the marks that make you popular and help people find your content.

An increased number of social media content made it difficult for many content creators to stay afloat and produce data that can get shares. Nevertheless, by following our advice, you can significantly improve the quality of your content and get more shares on any social network.

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