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Don’t shy away from monetizing your passion

MovableType.ai, the AI-powered platform that acts as a silent co-creator throughout the journey from idea conception to book publication

Please introduce yourself and the Startup MovableType.ai to our readers!

I’m Sean Vosler, founder of MovableTyp.ai, the AI-powered platform that acts as a silent co-creator throughout the journey from idea conception to book publication. Our journey began this year with a mission to democratize the writing process by empowering users to bring their ideas to life.

My background as an author, whose main struggle wasn’t so much with “what to say”, but with “how to say it” (or, more specifically, how to structure it), led me down this path. Not only does MovableType.ai leverage AI to generate comprehensive non-fiction books from your big ideas, but ultimately, it serves as a writer’s companion, assisting with common challenges like writer’s block and automating time-consuming tasks such as research and structuring. We don’t seek to replace the craft of dedicated writers but rather to create a future where non-fiction story crafting is within reach for anyone passionate about sharing their ideas with the world.

Why did you decide to start a business?

As a published author with clinical ADHD, I am quite familiar with the uphill battle that many “neurodivergent” individuals face with traditional authorship processes. From having difficulties structuring ideas to struggling to plan, these factors can make the writing process seem almost impossible. Even worse, most people think there’s something wrong with them, as opposed to simply not understanding that the writing process is counterintuitive; it’s not something that comes naturally to most people.

I’m now, more than ever, a believer that these shouldn’t stop us from telling our stories, especially in the age of AI.

Traditionally, authorship was reserved for the privileged few. Whether lacking time, organization, or the financial means to hire someone to help (ghostwriters), multiple factors stop individuals from sharing their insights with the world. I started MovableType.ai because I wanted to change this. To that end, we aim to challenge conventional authorship norms by offering a starting point for those who might have valuable insights to share but, for reasons we’ve discussed, see the writing journey as an insurmountable one. I often wonder how many incredible stories, experiences, and insights have been lost simply because the ones who could share them didn’t have the means to.

There’s no doubt that AI makes the act of writing more accessible, ensuring that anyone with a story to tell can find the support and tools needed to share their insights with the world. We also hope to foster a more inclusive and diverse literary landscape, enabling non-traditional authors to put form to their big ideas.

What is the vision behind MovableType.ai?

We want to ensure that the gift of sharing big ideas with the world remains open to all, regardless of an individual’s background, abilities, or resources. Books aren’t the only means to accomplish this, but they’re undoubtedly one of the best. 

In the writing process, AI plays the role of a silent co-creator, facilitating knowledge sharing and idea dissemination while also preserving the essence and authorship. That being said, we truly believe that AI-generated content without human interaction is not the ideal solution. The more involved an individual is during the creation process, the more it connects with both the author and the reader and, in the end, the higher the quality of the result. We believe that AI isn’t only a tool to generate content; it’s a guide that gives structure to the stories we already have.

From the idea to the start what have been the biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?

Honestly, the toughest challenge has been educating others on the actual purpose of MovableType.ai. While the value of a tool like ours is clear to many in the startup space, many of those who would consider themselves authors hatethe idea of tools like MovableType.ai. That is before they understand what we really are.

Again, our goal is not to replace authors or professional writers but to enable those without the means or desire to become writers to have their voices heard. To give form to their ideas in a medium usually outside their means.

Financially speaking, I’m fortunate to have a published book that does well and frees up my time, so I can focus on projects like MovableType.ai. In addition to an amazing CEO who joined as a co-founder to help guide the ship, we have a passionate set of investors who came in at our seed round to help give us the means to bring in brilliant people to take this platform further.

Who is the target group of MovableType.ai?

MovableType.ai’s clientele is diverse but has one aspect in common: it consists of those who are inspired and aren’t afraid to leverage technology to bring their ideas to life. 

Whether it’s subject-matter experts seeking to share their knowledge despite lacking writing skills, aspiring neurodivergent authors struggling with conventional thought structuring, or individuals simply wanting to share life experiences with a broader audience, MovableType.ai is not merely easing the writing process but is also redefining who gets to participate in it.

It’s not the established authors who stand to benefit the most from such a service (though, of course, it would save them lots of time) but rather those on the periphery of the publishing ecosystem—the ones with the potential to inject fresh, diverse perspectives into a domain historically gatekept by resource and skill barriers. Through features like personalized author personas that we create and comprehensive research support, the platform ensures that the content remains authentic and preserves the author’s voice and style.

How does MovableType.ai work? What are the advantages? What makes you different from other providers?

On the surface, MovableType.ai can transform a single idea into a comprehensive non-fiction book, simplifying the typically daunting process of starting a new writing project. However, this is just the final result. Based on the original idea, the platform creates a comprehensive book proposal that encompasses the essence of your idea. What makes MovableType.ai special is that it goes beyond creating; it strategizes. The platform develops a marketing plan encompassing the book’s target audience and strategies to reach it. Then, MovableType.ai conducts extensive research, gathering data to strengthen the foundation of the narrative. 

Drawing from the user’s initial big idea and the intended audience, MovableType.ai then creates a detailed outline for the user’s review and approval. Upon approval, the platform proceeds to generate the initial manuscript, which spans over 30,000 words.

What truly makes MovableType.ai stand out is how it works hand in hand with users throughout the entire process. It’s not about AI taking over; it’s about technology acting as a catalyst for authors’ creativity.  

MovableType.ai, where does the road go? Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, we envision MovableType.ai as a major force in democratizing authorship, offering advanced AI tools that cater to a range of specialized domains. With projects like ‘Memory Capture’ (interactive audio interviews), ‘Book to Podcast Series’, and ‘Book to Courses’,  the platform aims to extend its reach beyond book publishing into multimedia, particularly audio storytelling. MovableType.ai will be the go-to platform for a diverse array of users, from thought leaders to industry experts, who seek to share their knowledge across various formats. We want to change the way that stories are created and enjoyed so that anyone who wants to effectively communicate their ideas can do so, no matter their background in writing or their preferred medium.

 At the end: which three tips would you give to future founders?

If you’re building a tool on top of another technology, like OpenAI, don’t just think about feature enhancements;  think about real-world applications. If you’re just an enhancement, you risk the platform itself releasing a new feature that makes your product obsolete overnight.

Partner with someone who understands finance and business structure, not just someone you like. They will keep you out of trouble as you grow.

Don’t shy away from monetizing your passion, but ensure you’re pragmatic about how you monetize it. I love writing and I have a problem that I know how to help with, so I make a tool that solves that problem. It’s a passion project, but the pragmatic side of the argument is understanding that you will need to be diligent in building an actual business around it.

Thank you Sean Vosler for the Interview

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Sabine Elsässer
Sabine Elsässer
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