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Getting your mindset right is essential

LOOFT created the smartest AC possible using modern technology

Please introduce yourself and the Start-up LOOFT to our readers…

Hello Startup Valley community. Joe Here! A former game designer turned entrepreneur. It just means that I aim to make my products as fun an interactive as possible, delighting you with every little touch.  

I am the founder of the startup LOOFT, which is pronounced like the German word “Luft”; meaning “air”.  We have created a personal comfort service which aims to keep you comfortable as the world heats up, while reducing your consumption (and bill) at the same time!

We do that using machine learning technology to collect and analyze all sorts of data on how you are using your LOOFT comfort device (a window-based heat pump that heats AND cools) which we include for FREE with a membership to LOOFT!

Reduce Energy. Keep Comfortable. Save The World.

Normally in this format I dive into the business, but I want to provide some value to you, the reader, upfront so here are some founder tips…

Which 3 tips would you give to future founders?

1)  General Founders – Getting your mindset right is essential. There are very few ways to truly train a startup entrepreneurial mindset other than surrounding yourself with like minded people. Cultivate your peers at meetups, events, virtual calls, and hobby classes in your area. Then water those seeds by introducing them all with events you create and host. This network will become invaluable to you.

2)  Hardware Founders – The biggest piece of advice I can give is that you absolutely need to be in control of your finances and plan for LONG timelines. It will feel like you should be able to get things done, but the waiting on small parts and partners to get back to you will totally decrease your effectiveness in the beginning. This also affects how much money you will need to get going, so over budget rather than under budgeting.

3)  Software Founders – If you are non-technical, learn a bit of code. Period. I believe all founders should know this, but if you are doing a SaaS product with no baseline on how to create it or who you would need to help you, then you will fail. Gathering a team who can code and communicating with them will be the key to your success.

Now back to normal programming

Why did you decide to start a business?

If we are being honest with one another, I started a business because I viewed it as a means to an end. Most successful people I saw owned a business.

But the answer to why I wanted to start THIS business is simple. I had a vision to create something truly new in the space, add my personal touch to it, bring comfort and joy to thousands of people, and do my part to help save the world.

Additionally, I think being the leader of a business gives me an opportunity to build something I can be proud of and build a diverse team for the future.

What is the vision behind LOOFT?

As mentioned, LOOFT’s goal is to keep people comfortable while reducing consumption. Our vision and solution needed to keep 4 key principles in mind:

From the idea to the start, what have been the biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?

As a software business with a companion hardware device, we face many challenges that average startups do not in sourcing materials, finding manufacturing partners, and over tinkering with electronics. The extra considerations can add many delays to Timelines, which have been a massive struggle. Sometimes waiting on a part or sample to get delivered takes weeks, where in Software development you can quickly iterate and ship without the wait.

How does LOOFT work? What are the advantages? What makes you different from other providers?

At the service, LOOFT appears to be an appliance company. We created the smartest AC possible using modern technology. However, it’s advantage is actually our core value which is the LOOFT comfort service.

Our members receive the latest LOOFT Air Conditioner (we call it the LOOFT Comfort Device) along with habit tracking, historical data, energy consumption optimization, repairs, replacements, upgrades, and more!  We are the first in the market to attempt this model for a consumer appliance, and we think that makes us plenty different.

LOOFT where does the road go? Where do you see yourself in five years?

The road for LOOFT is long. Eventually we want to create many other appliances, and empower other providers and appliance makers to integrate with our optimization API.

In five years, we see ourselves continuing to delight our customers.

Looking forward to surprising and delighting you all through LOOFT, and if you want to get in contact, please send me a message on LinkedIn

More information you will find here

Thank you Joe Natoli for the Interview

Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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