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11 Warsaw-based startups you should know!

The startup scene in Warsaw has become a significant economic factor in Poland in recent years. The city hosts a growing number of innovative companies focusing on a wide range of industries

11 Paris-based startups you should know!

Paris has become an important hub for startups, offering a vibrant and diverse scene.

11 Barcelona-based startups you should know!

In recent years, Barcelona has emerged as a hotspot for startups, offering a vibrant and thriving startup scene.

11 Vienna-based startups you should know!

The startup scene in Vienna is currently experiencing a boom and is considered one of the most promising in Europe. Compared to other European...

11 Amsterdam-based startups you should know!

These startups have pioneered various industries such as mobility, IoT, e-commerce, cyber security and virtual reality, contributing to establishing Amsterdam as a leading innovation hub in Europe.

11 Bristol-based startups you should know!

Overall, the startup scene in Bristol offers a dynamic and growing community of innovative businesses that have not only local but also global impact.

Transparency is crucial, and more difficult than one might think

Splashtop, which provides easy, high performance, secure, and affordable remote access to all the computing resources -anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The need of the hour for businesses is to keep customers at the forefront

Agora Real-Time Communication (RTC) and RT that enables the full spectrum of human interactivity, which can be fully contextualized
zero10 ar fashion

Be ready to hear a hundred “no’s” before you hear the first “yes”

ZERO10 AR fashion platform providing innovative solutions for brands entering the digital world was developed to improve the online shopping process
looft ac

Getting your mindset right is essential

LOOFT the smartest AC using modern technology with habit tracking, historical data, energy consumption optimization, repairs, replacements, upgrades ...