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SEO and Backlinks: Where Is Connection?

Competition for the best SERPs positions continues to intensify, especially under the influence of heightened online competition fueled by the pandemic. A well-thought-out SEO strategy that takes into account all technical and content aspects is the only way to keep the top positions in search results, and therefore, to attract new prospective leads organically. Having backlinks is one of the elements of a successful SEO tactic, and in this article, we’ll talk about the importance of a quality link base and the ways to legally build it.

Top Google Ranking Factors

SEO and backlinks are directly interconnected. However, the presence of the backlinks is not the only Google ranking factor. This means that while working on backlinks building, you shouldn’t miss other important points in your website development and promotion. 

Below are the most essential factors Google takes into account while ranking your pages according to users’ requests. 

Security and accessibility. It means that your website is better to have a clean code, robot.txt files, and some other technical perks. 

Page loading speed. The speed of information delivery is also important for Google and for your users, so, perfectly your website should be loaded in no more than five seconds.

Mobile experience. Since the share of mobile traffic is growing each year, Google considers mobile experience to be quite important, and most users share this opinion as well.

Behavioral factors. Google also tracks the behavior patterns of your users on your website and concludes on the relevance and engagement of your content.

Social shares. Since this is not the direct ranking factor, Google still considers likes, shares, and comments. 

SEO-optimized content. To make Google show your page in response to the user’s request, your content should be optimized accordingly to make a match between users’ intent and the information you provide. 

Backlinks. SEO quality backlinks also matter, and some SEO experts consider them to be the most important thing on this list. Let’s find out why. 

Why Are Backlinks So Important? 

Backlinks for SEO are so essential for one main reason. The presence of backlinks is direct evidence of the quality of your content. That is, the more owners of other websites cite and reference to your materials, the more value it has, and thus, it should be offered to other users among the first positions in search results. 

You should also know that Google requires the backlinks to be organic – i.e. someone has to really cite you and place a link to your website on their platform, marking this link as a do-follow one. At this point, it makes sense to explain the difference between do-follow and no-follow links. 

  • Do-follow links are the strongest backlinks that, in Google’s opinion, should appear organically.
  • No-follow backlinks are those you have paid for. Thus, no-follow backlinks have less value in Google’s eyes, however, there are still ways to legally turn no-follow backlinks into do-follow ones, even if you are paying for them or agree on their placement on some other terms.

Below are working tips on how to get valuable backlinks for your business and improve your SEO company rankings. 

How to Get High-Quality Do-Follow Backlinks

What are the most effective link-building strategies in 2021? Check the following tactics to create backlinks to your website in a legal and effective way. 

Get Started with Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the life-proven approaches to high-quality link building. Also, this is the way to increase traffic to your business site. What’s more, this is quite a legal way, and here is what you need to know to make your guest posting strategy effective.

The high domain authority of the website that links back to your website is one of the keys to this tactic success. For example, the websites with edu and gov domains are believed to have the highest domain authority. Honestly, cooperating with them may be challenging as well since most of them are unlikely to accept guest posts. But if you have a business from an educational niche, this is your best chance to improve your SERP position by placing your content on such websites. 

Also, pay attention to the target audience of the website you are going to cooperate with. They should be customers of a semi-niche business, so you will get better chances to attract website traffic and get prospective leads from the third-party platform. 

Create Valuable Content

One more link-building strategy is creating highly-valuable, SEO-optimized, and backlinks-generating content. To create such pieces, make deep research, cite other sources, come up with your own stories, experience, surveys, and metrics. You may also create an infographic (you may do it easily with Canva) since this form of content is likely to be shared, providing an organic backlink to your website. Also, don’t forget about search engine optimization  – pick the highly relevant and winning keywords with Ahrefs, and strengthen your content with questions and answers.

By embedding the FAQ section, you will get better chances of reaching Google Snippet (zero search position), attract interested users, deal with your customers’ concerns and increase the probability of getting a backlink at once. Find out the most relevant questions of your users with Answer The Public. P.S. This tool is also very effective for voice search optimization. 

Set Up an Automated Link Building Strategy

If you are looking for an ultimate link-building solution that will help you get rid of all the related headaches, view this website and buy backlinks. Even despite the fact that Google considers paid backlinks to be no-follow ones, there is a way to create an impression of your backlinks being organically built. 

With the help of Linksmanagement, you will be able to streamline your backlinks building, get do-follow backlinks with the websites with high domain authority and get result guarantees. This is a great option for those who don’t want to build links manually but still strives for top positions in search results and target audience influx. 


Making quality backlinks for SEO should be an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy since this ranking factor is one of the most essential for your online promotion. Fortunately, collecting high-quality backlinks isn’t so challenging if you do it with a clear tactic in mind and still keep track of other website performance metrics. If improving your SERP position with the help of backlinks is your high priority now, get started with the tips we have shared, don’t forget to monitor your results, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

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