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How To Show People Your Brand Love With The Help Of Marketing

Customer Love for the Brand Brings Recognition

In the modern world, brand promotion is influenced by a very large number of details and features. And every company fights for customer loyalty because this is a very important factor. Because in this case, your customers will stay with you even in the most difficult times, and also choose your product, refusing offers from competitors. This approach is similar to family life, where you vow to love the beautiful mail order bride in grief and joy. And it’s very important to love. Customers need to feel the brand’s love and care so that you can achieve the desired level of loyalty. And we’ll show you some tricks on how to show your client love.

Communicate personally

Numerous studies have confirmed that loyalty and personalization are closely related. 79% of customers are satisfied with the loyalty program, which contains elements of personalization. It is also proven that users are willing to leave their details to help customize personalized messages.

This is not only about the name and phone number, but also about the client’s preferences. For example, instead of traditional bonus points, you can offer the client gifts that will interest him or remind him of the abandoned products.

A major US online shoe retailer DSW recently sent out personalized emails to all of its customers. Each letter indicated the number of points that he lacked until he received a certificate for $10. The letter also listed the products that the user would like to taste and the bonuses that are available to him based on his purchase history. The results of the mailing are impressive: 64% opened the letter, 13% followed the link. 58.82% of users who opened an email read it for more than 15 seconds. Regular personal interaction with customers increases their loyalty and increases your bottom line.

Develop an affiliate program

Partnerships are one of the engines of income growth and loyalty increase. Now we see many brands that are specifically looking for partners to improve their position. Collaboration helps brands create more value for their customers than if they were each acting alone.

For example, the Wyndham hotel chain has partnered with casino chain Caesars Entertainment to launch the Total Rewards program. Participation in the program offers access to a huge variety of tourist and entertainment facilities: hotels, restaurants, casinos, and the program participants are offered excellent bonuses. As a result, both companies attracted a lot of new customers and significantly increased profits.

Reduce customer effort

One way to improve user experience, as well as customer loyalty, is to reduce cognitive load and make anything that can be simplified as much as possible. Research from the Harvard Business School shows that reducing customer effort is a key factor in building loyal relationships. Why? A simple pattern creates habit, and habit plays an important role in loyalty.

For example, if the application is easy to use, the customer is more likely to become a regular user. If even the main menu for him is a Chinese letter, you can say goodbye to dreams of his loyalty.

Loyalty and gamification

Of course, the product itself plays an important role in optimizing the loyalty program (because if its qualities are left to do the best, it is not so easy to motivate the customer to repeat purchases), but the methods themselves, for example, the use of gamification principles, should not be overlooked. How can they be applied in practice? There are many ways, here are just a few (by the way, they are successfully used by the popular Duolingo app):

  • Points in a wide variety of variations;
  • Achievements4
  • Competition (comparison with other users).

Invest in fans

Always take care of your customers and don’t let current challenges overshadow this fundamental principle. But in reality, there are so few companies that can be called customer-centric.

  • What does customer-centricity mean? There are several main principles:
    • If the client is not satisfied with something, let him share his opinion without hindrance and make it clear that you heard him.
    • Listen to all complaints and resolve voiced problems.
    • Work tirelessly to fix ALL problems, even those from the angriest clients.
    • Correct errors as quickly as possible.

Shared values ​​are the key to loyalty

Peep Laja, the founder of CXL, has repeatedly spoken about the importance of shared values. It’s an incredibly powerful vehicle for building long-term customer loyalty (assuming the values ​​are real and important, of course).

Marketing research shows that customers are loyal not to the brand itself, but to the values ​​that this brand promotes. As researcher Aaron Lotton notes, there is certainly an emotional attachment to a brand, but loyalty starts with shared values ​​that unite a particular consumer and a brand.

Develop a premium program

Now the number of premium programs has grown significantly. Usually, their members receive more bonuses, but you have to pay to join the program. Surprisingly, this does not scare customers, especially young people: 75% of shoppers aged 18-24 and 77% of shoppers aged 25-34 are willing to participate in a paid loyalty program. About half of the respondents (47%) noted that they consider premium programs to be better than regular free ones.

GameStop’s PowerUp loyalty program has attracted more than 50 million people and has tripled sales as a result. The latest version of the program, launched in 2016, cost $29.99 per year to participate (twice the price of the previous version). Members of this program received access to exclusive offers that others could not use. The organizers understand that users are constantly competing with each other. They are willing to pay extra to upgrade, so the paid loyalty program works great.


There is a well-known saying – “if you give love, then it is not necessary, it will return to you.” But if we are talking about a brand, then it is more and more obvious here, because you are fighting for the attention of customers and their liking. A well-chosen strategy allows you to gain user loyalty and ensure brand success.

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