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Build a great team of founders

DocVox is a smart meeting assistant that allows you to document your meeting without even typing!

Please introduce yourself and your startup DocVox to our readers!

DocVox is a smart meeting assistant that allows you to document your meeting without even typing! In a few clicks, it joins your meetings as a participant and works in the background to recommend you notes, tasks, and todos. It leaves you the time to focus on the conversation while being sure that your meeting is well documented and your data is treated carefully.

We are 3 young productivity experts who bring a different set of qualities to the team. 

Tom Würden most recently worked as an IT consultant. His responsibility was the management of the integration of an internal project management system (PMO) and dealt with topics such as team leading, requirements engineering, quality, and test management. With Simon Krantz, we have an experienced commercial person with a focus on cross-cultural marketing and negotiation. He worked in the field of knowledge brokering, where he led teams of associates and oversaw more than 15 to 20 projects weekly from start to successful completion. Lastly, Viktor Walter-Tscharf has been involved in Machine-Learning research for 7 years. His responsibility is the algorithms and deep learning model which brings DocVox’s vision to life.

How did you get the idea of DocVox? Why did you decide to start with DocVox?

Viktor and Tom got the idea of DocVox during the first lockdown in 2020. They both had a lot of online meetings and felt the pain of having to keep track of all the minutes and tasks discussed. Working on this pain point they started to develop the first version of the smart meeting assistant that became the core product of DocVox. Simon joined a few months after. He participated in the UX design and helped polish the solution with his user-centric view.

What is the vision behind DocVox?

Facilitate meetings across the world by keeping them stress-free, focused, and organized.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

The main challenge when starting a SaaS product and most of all an AI-based solution is the development of the technology. Having the idea behind it is, of course, critical but the hardest part is to develop it into a stable, user-friendly, and efficient tool. Through a lot of trial and error, we developed DocVox to its current version. However, we are constantly improving it in order to offer our users the best tool possible. We believe in a tool that evolves with its users’ needs. 

Additionally, funding is another challenging area. You need money to be able to focus fully on this endeavour but finding it is a headache. It took us a lot of time to secure our first finances but hopefully, we managed to do it through efforts and perseverance. 

Who is your target audience?

From a general standpoint, any individual that regularly attends meetings online will benefit from DocVox. Indeed, our smart meeting assistant is relevant in any industry, at any business level.

In terms of strategy, our target audience is product/ project managers. In this profession, people spend hours of their week in meetings, They often have to manage a lot of information, share it with their teams as well as manage tasks and deadlines for the product or project they are managing. 

What is the USP of your startup?

No post-processing is required: In contrast with other solutions on the market that require the user to revisit the meeting transcript in order to extract the valuable information, with DocVox you receive AI-based recommendations while the meeting is happening. 

Focus on voice to action: The main purpose of our solution is to provide our users with a clear transcript and actionable items. Once the meeting is over you can get to work right away.

Data security: One of the pilar of DocVox is data protection. We want to ensure the utmost security of our users’ sensitive (and less sensitive) data. Having that in mind we implemented key features such as GDPR compliance, on-premise deployment, an option to opt-out of the recording.

Can you describe your typical workday?

As big promoters of remote working, the whole team works most of the time from home. We of course collaborate closely on a daily basis and communicate substantially over the phone, online meeting tools, slack, etc..

A typical work day starts with a quick stand-up with the whole team on slack to exchange on our tasks and challenges.

Afterward, each one of us works separately in his area. We are very complementary and we each have our own area of expertise.

We have multiple meetings per day with external and internal partners. Depending on the nature of these events, one, two, or all of us will be joining and bringing their expertise. We also catch up on an ad hoc basis to discuss some issues that may arise.

Where do you see yourself and your startup DocVox in five years?

Such as many start-ups, it is very complicated to have an accurate forecast of the future in the current ecosystem. Nevertheless, we are very confident in the validity of our business plan. 

 In 5 years we plan to be an implemented actor in the marketplace with our smart meeting assistant helping tens of thousands of teams worldwide to stay engaged in their meetings.

We also plan an organic growth with around 30 employees by this time. We want to implement a sustainable business with a great work environment and the lowest turnover possible.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Build a great team of founders

Take time to find the right product-market fit 

Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance

More information you will find here

Thank you Simon Krantz for the Interview

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