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How To Buy YouTube Views Effectively

To buy YouTube views is an extremely popular phenomenon. Now the competition is very high, and newcomers are forced to use various methods of promotion. After all, the number of viewers of the content is a key parameter of the success of the channel. Pay attention when you meet two similar videos you are guided by the number of impressions. Therefore, the number of viewers is a very important argument.

How does the video get to the recommended

In fact, there is no universal formula for being recommended by YouTube. In any case, we can list several conditions that will potentially give you a good boost. 

The algorithm takes into account:
  • percentage of retention;
  • number of YouTube likes, views, subscribers, and comments;
  • appearance of new subscriptions to the channel after views;
  • appearance of links to videos from websites and social networks.

Summing up all the factors, YouTube decides how to rank the video highly.

If the video is 3 minutes long and people watch only the first minute, the retention time is 33%. If it is watched in its entirety, this indicator is 100%.

Viewers usually watch the first 30-60 seconds of the video and leave. If it is long, the retention time will be short. This is a signal to the algorithm that the video is not interesting. The channel’s reputation suffers. 

Accordingly, only those videos with a long retention time, about 50% or more, reach the TOP. 

It’s also important that after the views there are other reactions. That is, you need to order not only views, but a complex: buy YouTube subscribers, and comments.

What to do before buying YouTube promotion services

If you have created a channel quite recently, you shouldn’t immediately buy YouTube views, likes, and comments. It is very likely that the algorithms will be watching you closely.

The first videos should gain views on their own. To do this, send the link to your friends and ask them to watch your video. Add it to all social networks, groups, and sites you have access to.

When the video will collect 100-300 views, you can start buying.

Possible consequences of buying YouTube views

YouTube does not block for buying real YouTube views, comments, and likes. If the algorithm notices unnatural promotion, it either ignores the views or writes them off. If you use this method aggressively (buy bots, too high speed), YouTube will send a warning.

How else to promote a video

Be sure to work on the sound quality. A bad picture with an interesting story can be forgiven, but a terrible sound can’t.

It’s important to optimize your video for the query. This will make it easier for users to find it by keywords and for YouTube to understand when to show the video in the recommended list.

When posting a video you need to add:
  • keywords in the title;
  • tags that are relevant to the topic. These can be both direct and related keys;
  • keywords in the description of the videos;
  • thumbnail to attract attention.

Next, to promote YouTube, you can add videos to the groups of all social networks, personal or others (for a fee).

Google AdWords advertising will be effective. Test this form of advertising with a small budget. Then increase it if the ads get good results.


So, if you use buying services for YouTube, it’s better to do it for short videos, buying as much retention rate as possible. It is important to buy additional reactions in the form of likes, comments, and subscribers, so the set of actions is more appreciated by the algorithm.

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