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How to write a startup press release that gets noticed

If you want the media to notice your startup, you will need to write a press release. This document is a simple way for you to tell the world your story, and it can help you generate publicity and attract new customers. Learn some useful tips for writing a press release that will get you noticed.

According to statistics, approximately 305 million startups are launched globally every year but not all of them succeed in tough competitive market conditions. This is where a press release comes in handy. It contributes to building a more complete picture of the company and its products and informing the public about the most recent announcements. If you want a cheap essay or material for a press release that you find hard to produce, seek assistance from writing services professionals.

How do you write a press release that gets the media’s attention?

Here are some pointers on how to write a startup press release that will help your brand get noticed:

1. The key components of a successful startup press release

A successful press release should have:

  • A well-written headline;
  • Key facts and figures;
  • Company overview;
  • Product description and images.
2. Write an attention-grabbing headline

A good headline will grab the reader’s attention and ensure that they click through to read your content. Be descriptive and use keyword-rich headlines that accurately reflect the content of your press release. Keywords can help attract interested readers from all over the web, which could then lead to increased traffic for your website or product. For example: “New Product Launches to Spark Innovation and Progress.”

3. Write effective paragraphs

Start your paragraphs with a hook, something that will pique the reader’s interest and draw them in to read more. Subsequent paragraphs should focus on providing valuable information that journalists can use to inform their readership. For example:

  • The title: A headline for your release that summarizes the main points;
  • First paragraph. The opening paragraph introduces the news and provides a brief overview;
  • Second paragraph. It contains additional information about the release, including quotes or images if applicable;
  • Third paragraph. A quote from your CEO or a business co-founder, followed by a closing sentence or paragraph;
  • Fourth paragraph. Bring in trends to explain why this announcement is relevant;
  • Fifth paragraph. Wrap up with a brief sentence or two summarizing the main points of your announcement;
  • Sixth paragraph. An invitation to journalists to contact you for more information.
4. Use active verbs

Whenever possible, use active verbs to emphasize the actions or results of your new launch. For example, describe how customers can benefit from using your product or service, rather than simply telling them about it.

5. Avoid jargon

If you are going to use technical terms in a press release, be sure to explain them to journalists before doing so. Otherwise, they may have difficulty understanding what you are saying and could make incorrect assumptions about the significance of your announcement.

6. Make sure your content is easy to read and understand

Your target audience should be able to get the most out of your content without difficulty. Use simple language with clear grammar so that readers can follow what you are saying easily.

7. Consider using images

Images are a great way to illustrate your points and can help attract attention from potential customers and journalists alike. Make sure you have high-quality images that accurately reflect the product or company being highlighted in your press release.

8. Always cite sources when using quotes

Journalists always require attribution for the content they publish. So, make sure to include sources for all quotes and images in your release to ensure your information is accurately represented.

9. Proofread your release carefully

Mistakes happen, so make sure to check for typos and grammar mistakes before hitting “send.”

What should be the length of the startup press release?

Press releases should be no more than 400-500 words in length.


Writing a press release is an essential part of any startup’s marketing plan. It will get your company noticed no matter where you are in your startup journey. Whether you are only starting, or have been releasing press releases for a while, the tips highlighted above will help you write a successful press release that will help your business grow.

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