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How to train people for jobs in the AI industry

Artificial intelligence has yielded a lot of new jobs. This requires that people are getting trained for these. But what does it need? How can people be trained for AI jobs? And which are the new jobs?

How employees can be trained

For already existing jobs, employees should grapple with ChatGPT as well as other AI tools. What are the possibilities, and what are the boundaries? A certain comprehension of the new technology and how it works is indispensable. It is profitable to learn how exactly a prompt need to be framed so that optimal results can be achieved. A prompt is the command which one enters in ChatGPT. 

Furthermore, one should become aware of the boundaries of such data models. So about that, what is not possible (yet). ChatGPT for example, can not access live data. That means, the chatbot is not able to give an answer if you ask for the current date. But there are plug-ins with which one can conduct internet searches.

To build comprehension for artificial intelligence, it should be scheduled in the executive floor. The boss can prepare examples for the staff regarding the results you can generate with AI. If a company e.g. creates scripts, prompts can be specified. These show what one can enter into the AI and how the results can be optimized afterward. This shows the staff how processes can look like if it is worked with artificial intelligence. 

Namely, for AI jobs also creativity is needed. Eventually one has to think about fitting prompts. And an intuition for the new technology has to be existent. But this is created normally automatically if one is grappling with it. Also, you should inform about which new tools there are again and again. ChatGPT indeed is one of the most popular right now, but there are many more, for example Jasper. Jasper likewise is a text generator with which one can create even more comprehensive texts. Overall, it should be ascertained which tools can be used best to get the best results for the exercises which have to be done.

Last, artificial intelligence should not be seen as a panacea for everything. The technology has as already mentioned its boundaries and not a solution for everything. Also, wrong results can emerge. Because of this, it is always essential to scrutinize and countercheck the results. For this, the AI can be asked for the used sources. Then these can be verified if they are really existent as well as high-quality and reliable. 

New jobs due to AI

Also, because of AI a lot of new jobs are emerging. The fact is that artificial intelligence lives of data. These data have to be settled and enriched anywhere, so that the tools can be trained with it. Jobs are emerging on the places where business data or science data have to be processed. Thereby, the point is to validate the results. That means, to discover if the AI produces correct results which are true. Because many AI tools are not yet trained to see the difference between real information and fake news. The job title for this is data analyst or data scientist.

Besides, jobs like the prompt designer or prompt engineer are developed. Some companies already made employment ads for these. The work consists in creating appropriate commands for e.g. ChatGPT. Here especially, creativity as well as affinity for technology is in demand. Simultaneously, the applicant has to have the ability to work strategic, structured and solution-focused. Because for the prompts, it depends particularly on the right wording. 

Above, also jobs like online marketing manager in the realm SEO, digital learning manager and AI manager are found in the job fair nowadays. 


Maximilian Schmidt is CEO of the CPI Technologies GmbH. The company is specialized in software development in the areas artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital product development.


Statements of the author and the interviewee do not necessarily represent the editors and the publisher opinion again.

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