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Enjoy the stress, there will be a ton of it.

Numarics business operating system that completely (OS) covers business management for SME, entrepreneurs and finance experts

Please introduce yourself and your startup Numarics to our readers!

Hi, I’m Kristian Kabashi, co-founder of the Swiss fintech startup Numarics.

Recently, with Numarics we introduced the world’s first business operating system (OS) that completely covers business management for SME. Used by entrepreneurs, finance experts and accountants alike, Numarics eliminates all need for orchestrated use of disparate accounting and finance software. Startups get the services of a CFO and COO through one engine and the strong operations team behind it. The team of fiduciary and financial experts feeds the artificial intelligence of this engine with process flows – transforming the use of accounting and finance services. Currently Numarics is available for in Switzerland registered businesses.

How did you get the idea of Numarics?

The idea of numarics was over a decade old and only waited to be realized during this time.

I remember it very clearly when I was still with my ex wife, she was sitting in the kitchen and working hours on an Excel spreadsheet, she was an auditor at one of the “Big Four”. I looked over her shoulder and said “You know that this work will be automated pretty soon“, she did not take it very kindly and I remember how irritated she was and how she said “you know how much I had to learn to be able to do this job“.

Why did you decide to start with Numarics?

Running a business has not changed basically since the old ages of Mesopotamia which is approximately 1000BC, the framework of running your business has stayed the same, the only thing that changed was the material of engagement from stone, to papyrus to Excel.

Running your business has become similar to going to the dentist, yes you need to do it, but I never heard someone who says that they enjoy doing so.

We are in a world where we have an app or a solution for basically everything yet in business we keep working with archaic software which is decades old and as much fun to use like your abacus in school.

What is the vision behind Numarics?

The world has moved over the past century from the blue collar to the white collar worker, Numarics will become the engine to enable the blank collar worker, the worker that leverages advanced technologies to enable the second renaissance. 

The pandemic has created a seismic shift which we have not seen since the industrial revolution, decades of change occurring basically over the timespan of a pandemic. The office has become just a place like any other place in any other city, country or continent. To empower this trend we need to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to be agile and mobile as the dynamic world we now live in, software should be an enabler, a simplifier to get things done and not a burden which enables procrastination, cost and frustration.

We want to empower these business owners and entrepreneurs to always have their CFO/COO with them who helps them to make the best decisions possible while optimizing their business growth.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

The funny thing is that when it comes to the business idea and to the technology we use, everything was straightforward from day one. The difficulty was to connect business cultures. Since our team is very diverse in profession and also execution, it was very hard to synchronize the mindset of water and agile, MVP versus perfection, efficiency versus effectiveness.

Everyone we talked to and showed what we created always asked us the same question, why did not anyone else do this before and the answer was, people like in our team would not have met or ever worked together and it had to be many coincidences for us to come together as a team and emulgate water and oil to a smooth solution.

Who is your target audience?

We want to support SME entrepreneurs with less than 100 employees. Business owners who hate their administration but love their business.

What is the USP of your startup?

I call ourselves the senior startup since all founders are not the typical out of the university kind of guys but already had global executive careers and decided to start a new adventure. Our team is very very diverse, we have people like Dominique Rey (CEO) who has a background in auditing.

Can you describe your typical workday?

The majority of the day are micro decisions, lots of them. I think this is also a big part that distinguishes startups from enterprises. While I had to do up to 5 decisions a week as a global executive, within the startup world I have to do five daily if not more.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Numarics in five years?

Our vision is that Numarics becomes the engine of the new gig economy post Covid. We want to empower every business with a toolset that is usually only reserved for large enterprises with deep pockets. 

I want entrepreneurs in Europe to think of Numarics when thinking of running their business basically out of their pocket and have the security with them that their business is 24/7 in secure hands.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Start with an MVP, and show it to as many people as you can and ask them, would they be willing to pay for it and if yes, how much. It is absolutely crucial to get as much information early on as possible so you dont waste unnecessary time developing something that you might think will work but really does not satisfy the needs of others.

Enjoy the stress, there will be a ton of it. Put yourself again into kindergarten shoes and take every misstep as a learning experience which you will use to make better decisions going forward.

Look after yourself, sleep, train and eat well, it is you, your body and your brain who need to function for several years at full speed, oil the engine and don’t wait for it to be repaired.

More information you will find here

Thank you Kristian Kabashi for the Interview

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