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Social Media Tips Every Startup Should Use

As a startup business, one has to assume you have very little money for marketing. If you do have a lot of money for marketing, then don’t spend it on social media promotion. The advertising platforms on social media were built to drain your funds as efficiently as possible.

Even if you have money, use it conservatively, and follow the advice in this article when it comes to social media marketing.

Test Trends But Do It Sparingly

You want to build a little bit of influence quickly, so you test out a few trends. If you are going to trend-route, then try them out during the outbreak and check your response rate. If things go well, then leave the content up there. Then again, if your content doesn’t pop in the way it should, then simply delete it and try it on a different platform.

Test trends sparingly because they can undermine your brand and make you look foolish. For example, at the time, the ice bucket challenge was a big deal. However, there are now men and women trying to run for political office who are having trouble gaining credibility because of videos of them having ice poured over their heads.

Mass Media Saturation

When you create a good piece of social media content, you should share it on all of your social media platforms and across all of your accounts. This will mean you have to tinker with your posts to make them fit. For example, the resolution for a TikTok video, along with the music and timing, is going to differ from that of a regular YouTube video. The only time you shouldn’t post your content across every social media platform is when you are testing out a trend. This is because trends don’t always transfer across platforms. For example, your SpongeBob uniform content may not do very well on your Reddit pages but may do great as a YouTube short.

Buying Your Pre-Baked Audience

You want to gather a bit of attention and a bit of a following, but you don’t want to use trickery like click farms. Unless you are willing to spend thousands on a marketing platform, you are going to have to find followers another way. One way is to buy the social media account of another person, and then promote your content to those people. You can go to a website like Fame Swap and buy some attention from other people.

For example, let’s say you run a small business selling baby clothes. Your social media accounts are full of baby-clothing reviews. You go to Fame Swap, and you see somebody who has a big social media following because they offer baby and toddler parenting advice. You buy that person’s social media account and promote your content while safe in the knowledge that the people you are marketing to are already interested in content related to babies.

Avoiding Click-Farms Except Under This One Circumstance

You probably shouldn’t use a click farm. They will give you likes and follows, but they don’t have a very big effect on your search engine and social media ranking. Even if you buy one million views for your post, it still won’t reach the first page of the social media platform. 

The only time you should buy clicks, likes, follows, subscribers, etc., is for social proof. If you have a brand new social media account, and you are offering content on a certain subject. Your content seems better in the eyes of the viewers if you have 4000 followers instead of just 50. Again, buying followers and such won’t make your profile more popular, but it will help build trust between your account and your viewers/visitors.

Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Author Amelia Williams 

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