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Green Alley Award finalist Voltfang from Germany

Electromobility is one important puzzle piece in making transportation greener and more sustainable, as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. However, the question remains what to do with used e-car batteries, which are a potential threat to the environment, if not disposed or recycled correctly. Our Green Alley Award finalist Voltfang from Germany developed a process to extend the life cycles of these old batteries and thus contributes to tackling this problem. Read the interview to find out more about the startup and their innovation.

Some car producers try to tackle the problem of used batteries themselves. How does your startup obtain used car batteries?

We now have several partners with whom we have exclusive contracts to purchase their 2nd-life batteries, which allows us to meet our needs. We have also developed a unique worldwide test that can ideally measure the batteries and determine how long the battery can still be used. In the future, other large car manufacturers will also want to have this test, so cooperation with us will be inevitable.

On your website you have listed several referential projects in which you have been working together with big companies, like the retailer Aldi Nord. In your experience, can you describe how a typical collaboration works? What does the process behind look like?

In our reference projects, such as at ALDI Nord, we first customized the battery to the customer’s requirements to install the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. We also continue to monitor the batteries to maximize their lifetime.

What are the biggest challenges you are currently facing?

Currently, scaling the company is a significant challenge and planning the largest 2nd life factory in Europe.

What was your last major success?

There have been many, but the last big success was delivering to ALDI.

How does the current legal framework impact second-life applications like yours?

Currently, there is an EU regulation that should simplify a 2nd-Life. We are curious to see how this will be converted into national law.

Our solution helps to save the world because…?”

We make an enormous contribution to energy transition through our storage systems.

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Source Green Alley Award

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