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Innovations, Milestones, and Industry Leadership

Wiremind’s Annual Chronicle

For over nine years, Wiremind has been committed to product excellence and driven by bootstrapped innovation. As a reliable provider of advanced inventory, distribution, and optimization solutions, the company reflects on numerous achievements and milestones attained in the past year. This highlights Wiremind’s dedication to delivering value-adding solutions to its clients.

New Customers & Strategic Partnerships

Wiremind is concluding 2023 with remarkable success, having experienced zero client churn.

Over the last 12 months, Wiremind has grown quickly, with ten new clients joining its clientele. Currently, 52 clients make up Wiremind’s portfolio and, after addressing the needs of numerous industries, Wiremind continues to raise the standard for value.

LE TRAIN, the first private French rail operator to offer a high-speed service, adopted Wiremind’s PAXONE to streamline its IT infrastructure, thereby optimizing the company’s long-term travel offerings.

Regarding contributions to the aviation sector, Wiremind added Flair Airlines, Canada’s leading independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), to its clientele. Flair Airlines is set to leverage Wiremind’s Revenue Management (RM) solution, CAYZN, to make data-driven capacity and pricing decisions.

With the help of Wiremind’s SKYPALLET solution, Aeromexico Cargo was able to maximize flight capacities, improve cargo management, and reduce capacity waste. Similarly, Qatar Airways Cargo has chosen to implement CARGOSTACK Optimiser, the revenue optimization suite from Wiremind Cargo – spanning Revenue Management, Overbooking, and SKYPALLET modules.

Furthermore, Wiremind grew EVENTORI’s client base. The product’s goal is to increase revenue and/or ticket sales by implementing robust ticketing data management. EVENTORI has gained prominence as the preferred partner for ticketing among esteemed organizations such as AS Monaco Basket and Rodez AF, consolidating Wiremind’s commitment to delivering dynamic ticketing solutions.

Long-term clients have continued to work with Wiremind, highlighting the company’s reputation as a reliable industry partner.

France’s national state-owned railway company, SNCF, chose to extend its partnership with Wiremind. This marks a collaboration of six years and counting! As a loyal client utilizing Wiremind’s CAYZN Tracking solution, SNCF underscores the longevity of the partnership between the two entities.

Product Developments

Investments in research and development have solidified Wiremind’s expertise in advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and AI- integral elements that have defined the company’s product suite right from its inception. A team of 51 talented Software Engineers, including 6 experts in the Data Engineering team and 9 skilled individuals in the Data Science team, forms the backbone of Wiremind’s technology department and is instrumental in these product enhancements.

In 2023, Wiremind welcomed 31 new members to their tech departments. Among these additions are 3 individuals in Data Science, 17 in Software, 4 in Machine Learning, and 3 in Optimization Engineering. This strategic expansion underscores Wiremind’s commitment to delivering forward-thinking solutions to clients.

With regards to machine learning technology, Wiremind’s products conduct 7 600 predictions every minute. 
  • CAYZN, which processed about 640 000 pricing decisions every day and handled about 180 million passengers in 2023, serves as an example of the capabilities of Wiremind’s solutions.
  • Turning the focus to CAYZN Tracking, the system showcases its capabilities by collecting a remarkable 249 million data points scraped per month in 2023.
  • EVENTORI sees considerable success, as evidenced by the sale of 217 thousand tickets this year. These transactions encompass tickets that are created, paid for, and persist without cancellation.
  • Meanwhile, SKYPALLET demonstrates its efficiency by conducting 12 744 calculations per week. This signifies the optimization it brings to the handling of packages within this timeframe.

This year alone, Wiremind’s CAYZN, a Revenue Management Solution (RMS), extended its capabilities with three transformative modules: CAYZN Recovery Engine, Ancillary Management, and Horizon. The CAYZN Recovery Engine addresses spilled services, seamlessly integrating them to identify revenue opportunities and optimize pricing strategies. Ancillary Management taps into hidden revenue from additional services, utilizing real-time visualization and advanced analytics. CAYZN Horizon, tailored for C-level executives, integrates with other modules, offering a macro view for swift decision-making and strategic planning. These additions mark CAYZN’s evolution into a comprehensive Commercial Performance suite, aligning with Wiremind’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the transportation industry.

Over the past year, Wiremind has channeled efforts into enhancing its existing product suite. These enhancements revolved around improving the user experience, scalability, and integration capabilities. Notably, CAYZN Tracking, recognized for its real-time competitor monitoring and pricing insights, garnered attention. The integration of ancillaries’ tracking in CAYZN Tracking enables users to monitor the prices of each additional service offered to travelers, such as extra seats, WiFi, and additional baggage. This feature provides users with a real-time overview of their competitors’ ancillary fares, offering a substantial competitive advantage in the market.

CARGOSTACK combines sophisticated optimization and revenue management systems with an extensive feature set. It is designed for small to medium-sized airlines embarking on digital transformations, and its key features include maximum flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and an API-native architecture that facilitates future integration with other systems. Recent technical enhancements to the CARGOSTACK CMS include the introduction of new IATA-standard message types, supporting FSU (Freight Status Update) messages, an improved booking page display, and the addition of a configurable alerting/flagging system, empowering airlines to manage flights at scale. Furthermore, CARGOSTACK addresses data accessibility concerns by providing complete access to all stored data through its data warehouse, ensuring data availability.

EVENTORI introduced several features in 2023. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was successfully launched, offering enhanced tools for managing client interactions. Additionally, an Extraction module was implemented, allowing the seamless extraction of comprehensive data. Another advancement includes the introduction of a Pay-in-Installments option on the front end, providing flexibility for users. Moreover, the integration of a Scan with PDA for Android (Personal Digital Assistance) further elevates the ticketing experience.

EVENTORI’s modern user interface also underwent improvements with the rebuilding of application interfaces, incorporating a fresh logo and design elements. Access Control capabilities were expanded, enabling the management of multiple scan processes across different points in a stadium or venue.

The platform integrated new payment processors, Stripe and Payline, enhancing payment options. Users can now sell various options online, ranging from merchandise to additional services. Additionally, the ability to download tickets a specified number of days before the event and a mobile version for improved accessibility to key performance indicators and diverse payment methods were implemented.

EVENTORI also introduced features like Open Seating configuration, providing organizers with increased flexibility in managing seating arrangements. Events can now be nominative, adhering to legal restrictions and ensuring all tickets are registered to specific individuals. Moreover, the platform now allows organizers to limit the number of tickets in a single order, providing better control over ticket distribution and sales.

Industry Awards

PAXONE, a solution designed to simplify and integrate with the entire IT landscape, has garnered recognition and financial support. Acknowledging the challenges faced by operators dealing with disparate systems managed by various service providers, PAXONE integrates functions like inventory, sales, CRM, and RM into a unified system, streamlining operations and enhancing the user experience.

PAXONE secured public funding through the i-Nov innovation contest in France, a program aimed at accelerating the growth of companies with global potential. Wiremind participated in the 10th contest under the “Numérique” and “Transports, mobilités, villes et bâtiments durables” themes, with BPI funding 45% of the total project cost. Beyond the financial support, being an i-Nov laureate serves as a strong recognition of PAXONE’s transformative potential in passenger transport.

Picture Colin Girault Matz

Source PRLab B.V

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