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How to set up a productive working space at home

Working from home full-time is an increasingly common choice amongst employees. As a startup business, this is a positive trend allowing you to invest a considerable amount of money into growth as opposed to rent and maintenance of an office space. However, even when working from home, it’s of paramount importance that you and your staff have a productive set-up and not just work from your sofa or a kitchen table. So, get your best tool hire ready, as these tips will tell you how to build the perfect home office in any space. 

Find a separate space

Not many people have a spare room at home to put their office in. Nonetheless, your workspace must be separate from all your other living areas, otherwise you will find yourself distracted and unable to switch between work and leisure in your own home. 

There are many creative ways to have a separate space even in the smallest of homes. Some people turn their cupboards into a tiny office, while others build multi-functioning areas, where the office can be easily shut away. Building a small shed in a garden for that purpose is also popular. 

Finding and building this space can turn into a fun DIY project, however, try to avoid unnecessary purchases, as you’ll still need to invest in a good office desk and chair.. Renting or borrowing different items is a good way to do this. Use a ladder hire for a day instead of buying a new one, for example. 

Ensure good lighting

Lighting may seem like a tiny detail but it’s actually one of the most important factors in a home office when it comes to productivity and your mental wellbeing. A dark space will make you feel cramped and claustrophobic, even if you’re sitting in a large space. 

Having a good amount of natural daylight should be your priority, however, if that’s not possible, use optimal artificial lighting to mimic it for a similar effect. Avoid dim or overly warm-toned lights – while those do a good job in creating cosy spaces, they can also make you feel sleepy and unmotivated. 

Keep it organised

A clean and organised workspace equals an organised mind too. While some people thrive in an “organised mess” type of environment, most of us tend to feel more stressed and anxious in such spaces without even realising. Therefore, make sure that your home office has a dedicated place for everything. 

Again, there are so many good ways you can organise your working area. Don’t be afraid to use your vertical space with cupboards or shelves. Make use of drawers or other types of standalone organisation units. 

Make it personal

Who said that your workspace cannot be fun and exciting? It should be a space that you love and enjoy spending your time in as well as reflect your personality. So, once you have figured out a comfortable and ergonomic space, don’t be afraid to get creative with it! Use different types of decorations, plants, pictures, motivational quotes, a pop of colour or whatever else makes you happy to make your space more enjoyable and inspiring to be in. 

Author: David Williams

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