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Workplace Safety: How to Keep Your Warehouse Workers Safe

No matter what type of business you are running, ensuring the safety of your employees should be your top priority. This is especially true if you have a large business warehouse with a lot of workers operating within this space.

Making sure your workers are safe will not only make them satisfied and focused on their jobs, but it will also ensure your business operations don’t experience any downtime due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a workplace injury that could have been easily avoided.

That being said, here are some workplace essentials that will help keep your employees safe.

Install safety bumpers

First, bear in mind that workplace accidents can happen anywhere there are work activities, equipment and structures, and even in places you least expect. For instance, to avoid having your workers pinned or hurt by heavy automated warehouse doors, or running equipment, you should consider using protective bumpers or buffers – for example, safety bumpers made in Germany. These bumpers are equipped with contact-sensitive detectors made to immediately stop the machine they’re attached to if they sense closeness or contact with a person’s body. This way, you can avoid accidents and ensure all your employees are safe from injuries.

Proper lighting

The next thing that requires undivided attention is warehouse lighting. Since warehouse facilities normally don’t get a lot of – or any – natural light, it’s essential to ensure that every nook and cranny of your warehouse is properly illuminated. Poor lighting is one of the main culprits behind workplace accidents and injuries, especially in warehouses, storages facilities and hangars.

Therefore, you should install enough sources of strong overhead light and even consider adding some additional lighting sources in areas that may still remain shaded. If your warehouse is filled with tall shelving units, you can even install lighting sources on every other shelf. To ensure you have enough lighting without spending too much on your energy bill, you should opt for LED or CFL lighting solutions.

Proper safety gear and continuous training

You also need to make sure all your warehouse employees are provided with the necessary safety gear and equipment that will protect them in case something goes wrong. Personal protective clothing (PPE) is essential, particularly hard hats and reflective vests. Aside from the clothing and equipment itself, you also need to ensure that all of your employees receive proper workplace safety training. But keep in mind that the training sessions should not be rushed and all your employees need to abide by safety protocols at all times.

Keep the warehouse clean and organized

Finally, make sure you insist on keeping your warehouse clean and neatly organized. A warehouse space full of jumbled-up packages is neither easy to navigate nor does it provide a safe working environment. Moreover, any accidental spills can easily create situations that could result in serious consequences. Therefore, you need to ensure that your warehouse stays neatly organized and clean as much as possible, so that all of your employees can have a great environment to work in.

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